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Fill the Fridge Campaign

In 2017 the Family Business Practice will be directly supporting people experiencing rural poverty in our home village of Cleobury Mortimer.

The reality of rural poverty

We tend to think of poverty as being an urban phenomenon, but rural poverty is very real and very harsh. Rural workers can earn up to 12% less than their urban counterparts and 18% of rural households live in fuel poverty.

It means the choice between eating and heating is one faced by many rural families every day.

The importance of filling the fridge for family businesses

As family businesses, we all know that filling the fridge is what family business is about.

And anyone who has ever heard Peter Roper, the founder of the Family Business Practice speak, will know the mixture of emotions he felt when his family gave him the cash to fill his fridge after he was declared bankrupt some ten years ago.

Family Business Practice, Cleobury Mortimer PCC working together

A percentage of the proceeds of our May and November networking exhibitions plus other donations made at our meetings and events throughout the year will be used to put together food parcels.

We’ve partnered with Cleobury Mortimer PCC to distribute the food parcels. The PCC’s officers know the families who are struggling in our community and they have the network to be able to discreetly distribute food parcels to those who need them.

The food parcels will be distributed in January next year – it’s the time of the year that many people suffer the most after over-extending themselves to provide a Christmas for their family.

How you can help

The more we raise, the more people we can help, so please join us in our pledge to do our bit for the people in our local community family.

“Filling the fridge is what family business is all about.”
Peter Roper
The Family Business Man
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