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peter_portraitMeet Peter Roper

Peter Roper is the Family Business Man and the founder of the Family Business Practice.

Peter helps family business owners to succeed with business development strategies designed exclusively for family firms.
He’s worked in business development for nearly 40 years, initially in the corporate world and now with family firms.
He’s also got practical experience about what it’s like to run a family business. That’s because over the last 20 years, he’s run six family businesses. Three have been stunning successes and three have been fantastic failures. He’s experienced the joy of winning and the despair of losing everything.
It means he knows what it’s like to:
  • work for yourself doing something that you love
  • provide for your children and even create a legacy to pass on
  • work effectively with those closest to you
So if you’d like to create long-term, sustainable growth and success for your family-run firm, you can trust Peter’s unique approach and family business-focused development strategies to help.
You can find out more about Peter at You can also call him on 01299 382 000.
“Filling the fridge is what family business is all about.”
Peter Roper
The Family Business Man
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