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Member get Member Programme

To encourage the growth of the Practice and after numerous requests, we have launched a Member get Member program!

As you can imagine there are a number of ways to do this and after much debate, this is how it works:
For every organisation you introduce (who pays annually in advance) YOU will get 25% off your next year's fees (at whatever level you are currently at) at the time of your renewal. For anyone that introduces four or more organisations in a year, we will give a special feature in the Family Business Review Magazine. Yes, this means you could have a free membership next year!

For any organisation that pays monthly we will give YOU 25% of the total number of monthly payments paid by that organisation at the time of your renewal.

To qualify for the program you simply have to tell us prior to the new member joining that you are the introducer by a simple email to Sandra Dodd at Head office Membership: who will confirm it’s the case with the new member and keep score!

We believe this will turbocharge membership of the Practice and is a great way for us to say thank you.

“Filling the fridge is what family business is all about.”
Peter Roper
The Family Business Man
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