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We promote the Family Business Practice extensively so it can continue to grow and add even more value to our members’ businesses.

Here are some of the things we do:
  • The Family Business Practice survey – a monthly survey of our members, the results of which are published on social media, submitted to the press and promoted on Facebook Live
  • Peppermint Wednesday video blog – five minutes of wisdom from Peter Roper circulated to over 2,000 people per week
  • Peppermint Wednesday Live – a Facebook Live session directly after Peppermint Wednesday by Peter Roper with full social media support
  • Family Business Video Show – ten-minute video interviews with Premium members helping us to fill the fridge, sleep at night or work with people we know like and trust
  • Family Business Bulletin – Peter Roper’s weekly blog, including interviews, tips and latest news for family business every Saturday
  • Family Business Practice Magazine – four magazines a year dedicated to Practice Members full of features, news and reviews and promoted to 2,000 people electronically
Discover how family business development will give you the answers you seek. Get instant access to a five-minute exercise NOW.

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Each week I answer a question about family business which invariably revolves around one of my five keys to family business

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“Filling the fridge is what family business is all about.”
Peter Roper
The Family Business Man
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