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Background to the Family Business Practice

Family Business in the Blood

family-business-practice-original-bannerThe Family Business Practice was launched in 2015 after the Founder Peter Roper - The Family Business Man became frustrated at the lack of notable support specifically for family businesses in the Midlands.

In truth one day he was complaining about the situation to his elder daughter Sara Beth who stopped him in his tracks and said quite simply “Dad put up or shut up!”

So with the help of a bunch of clients, suppliers and business friends, Peter formed the Practice with the intent of helping them to do three simple things:
  1. To get more and better business
  2. Provide information to help them make good decisions
  3. Create a group of people we could all know, like and trust
Today the organisation is enjoying a period of sustained growth and is expanding across the West Midlands with the help of like-minded individuals and businesses. We all benefit from great meetings, entertaining and thought-provoking presentations, structured networking and excellent venues.

Finally, we firmly believe that all our businesses can and need to improve, but not at the expense of our core family values, which is why we are so passionate about helping family businesses to “Professionalise and not Corporatise” their business.

It's our belief that there are too many organisations that simply don't understand the difference, treating all businesses as the same. We feel this to be fundamentally wrong as every family business is unique in size, shape and personnel and needs to be viewed as such.

So: no corporatised training methods, no generalised platitudes, simply good solid experience coupled with strong family values at the heart of everything we do.