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Books by Peter Roper
I have been lucky enough to have published four books in my career with one achieving best-seller status with my co-author Andy Lopata back in 2006!
One of the many things I have learned in the process of writing a book is that it takes far longer than you can ever imagine. I mean seriously how hard can it be???
The answer is that the process has so many mini processes within it most of them are obvious but only when you are actually doing them!
And with this book, we have the added challenge of lots of co-authors most of whom have never written a book before!

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...and death came third!

Do you dread going to networking events? Do you hide at the back of the room when you have the opportunity to present?

In 1984 a New York Times Survey on Social Anxiety placed death third in the list of people's biggest fears. The top two responses were walking into a room full of strangers and speaking in public. And death came third.

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ROE Book

Running on Empty

Running On Empty contains personal case studies where Peter lays bare the challenges he faced in business, the effect it had and, more crucially, what to do if you face the same situation. Easy to read, simple to refer to and brutally honest, Running On Empty is packed with the must know conclusions Peter has drawn from his experiences and the Golden Rule he applies to business for this decade.

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reputationgame_bookThe Reputation Game

You never get a second chance to make a first impression - but it's amazing how many so-called professionals play Russian roulette with their reputations. It's no longer down to word-of-mouth - the world wide web spreads information round the world in seconds. If you're in business you need to take the steps that will protect your reputation - as well as taking advantage of the means of enhancing it.

If you have staff, clients and suppliers you'll also want to be aware of what they are saying about you - and educate them to be effective marketers for your business.

This book will give you the ammunition you need to... take control of what is said about your business; effectively use the tools that will influence your reputation; plan, protect and promote your reputation on an ongoing basis; harness the power of your staff to enhance your reputation; raise your profile and stand out from the crowd; ensure you are playing the reputation game by the new rules.

Can you afford NOT to read it?

Buy 'The Reputation Game by Peter Roper' today for £15.99 and get FREE postage!



What a marvellous mother lode of insight and practical wisdom on networking and speaking
Dr Stephen R. Covey - Author
A must-read for anyone who wants to get on in business.
Lord Digby Jones - Former Director General of the CBI and Former Minister of State for Trade
Seeringly honest and truly a man of our times!
Julian Powell, Business Director, Hallmark Hulme Solicitors
“This wonderful book should sit on the desk of every business owner and entrepreneur. Peter has written with disarming honesty about his own journey through the ups and downs of running a business and the problems and challenges on the way and readers would do well to learn from his experiences, for as the famous cancer doctor Bernie Siegal once said “Wouldn’t it be far better to be educated about life and prepared for its difficulties by the wisdom of others, rather than to need your own break down in order to become strong”.

Thank you for writing this Peter so that we can all learn from your knowledge, wisdom and experience.”
Jane Gunn - The Corporate Peacemaker and author of How to Beat Bedlam in the Boardroom and Boredom in the Bedroom
“Peter’s book Running On Empty which I had the privilege of reading before it was published had a massive impact on me and that was only the introduction. Peter’s journey of perceived failure was more painful than can be imagined. Yet Peter’s insights into himself are surely motivational to anyone facing the same situation. The good that came from the experience in bringing his family together in the new business and creating such a happy environment is such a precious gift. To have the courage to share it is an inspiration to all of us.”
Brian Chernett Founder of The Academy for Chief Executives and Chief Executive of The Ella Foundation
Peter spoke at a 'Training Showcase' and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. He is a quality speaker and was very well received as always. He has a wealth of business experience and has a knack of communicating it very well indeed. Highly recommended!
Richard Cawton, Business Development Manager - Worcester Warriors, Aviva Premiership Rugby