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Bringing guests to a meeting

Many of our members have helped to expand the Practice by bringing guests.

As a member you can invite a guest/s along to any of the meetings. You can either buy their ticket for them at the same time you buy yours, or they can book on themselves via the booking on as a guest page. Just let us know who you've invited to make sure you get your incentive if they join!

Last year we ran a successful thank you programme for introductions to the Practice that turn into memberships. Watch Peter explain about the Member get Member Programme

However; you asked if we could simplify things! So here is the programme starting April 2018. As thank you from the Practice, any member that brings a guest who subsequently joins the Practice can have a choice of:
  • “Dinner on Peter” on their next attendance at a meeting valued at £15
  • or £15's worth of shop vouchers
Nice and simple... how good is that?

Contact Peter at for more information.