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methods of marketing your business effectively

…Or do you believe in a magic money tree?

March 2019

In the month of January 2019 members of the Family Business Practice were collectively asked at five locations what marketing methods were working for their business, or at least areas they feel you should consider when marketing your business.

 The following is the best 53 although we know there are many more.

 My suggestion is to look at the list and act on one per week and in twelve months’ time, you will be amazed at how much your business has improved! There is no order to the suggestions so simply pick and choose as you feel fit for you and your business!

 A final note - Looking at this document and taking no action is simply wasting your time and life. During this month we have been getting feedback from our members who have taken action, some with terrific results.

 Here is just one:
 Phil Brown of Phil Brown and Associates committed to looking at Testimonials and asked his clients if they would help. Phil has said that unequivocally he has received the best testimonial he has ever had and it has gained notice in his social media postings. He simply took action!
 So commit to taking action consistently and let us know how you get on!

 By the way, if you want to know more about the Family Business Practice or perhaps would like to attend one of our events (there are over fifty per year!) simply get in touch with me directly.

Or call:  01299 382000

 Peter Roper The Family Business Man

So here are the 53 suggestions - good luck and do take action!!!

  1. Set trackable metrics for social media 
  1. Look at Linked In
  1. Look at Twitter
  1. Look at Facebook
  1. Look at Instagram
  1. Create a referral incentive for existing clients
  1. Consider local door drop campaigns
  1. Roundabout advertising
  1. Bill Board advertising
  1. Reward client loyalty
  1. Create disincentives for poor clients
  1. In certain cases measure output, not the outcome
  1. Understand your target client and create an avatar
  1. Consider personal letters
  1. Use simple bribery i.e. bring cakes to a meeting!
  1. Look at external telesales operations
  1. Offer workshops
  1. Promote Masterclasses
  1. Ask for a positive review on social media through your invoices
  1. Look at all forms of networking
  1. Consider speaking as an outlet for promotion
  1. Use video testimonials 
  1. Consider a PR agency
  1. Look at Google reviews
  1. Be consistent with all you’re branding
  1. Think Marketing not sales!
  1. Use Linked in to make genuine contacts
  1. Use traditional events such as a lunch or a cuppa!
  1. Create Case Studies
  1. Have a store of giveaway goodies
  1. Birthday cards
  1. Thank you postcards
  1. Promote you are a family business!
  1. Have a clear process for handling complaints - turn a negative into a positive!
  1. Use handwritten notes
  1. Personalised Coasters
  1. Share your knowledge - give it away
  1. Use fun in any campaign particularly in social media
  1. Targeted newsletter 
  1. Don't use discounts unless time sensitive 
  1. Look at latest technology for an edge
  1. Be prepared to shout about YOU - don't hide your light
  1. Consider targeted advertising if you have a budget
  1. Write articles for magazines
  1. State a consistent message
  1. Be clear that your value proposition is what potential clients want to actually buy
  1. Sponsor local events
  1. Sponsor national events if appropriate 
  1. Look at Google my business
  1. Create partnerships with Charity Partners
  1. Create partnerships with media magazines etc
  1. Work with local schools and clubs etc
  1. Make partnerships with colleges and universities

 ©Peter Roper The Family Business Man ©Family Business Practice 2019 Family Business Briefing