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Family Business Development

Family Business Planning

Most family businesses start by simply looking at ways to put food on the table and in many cases, this leads to management on a day to day basis. Whilst necessary, this doesn’t allow for time to take stock of where the business is, where those family members fit in and crucially where the business is headed.

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Succession planning

Many professional organisations believe this is the largest issue facing family businesses and that family business think about this subject all the time. However, our experience is very different in that it is only on the radar when it becomes an issue!

Areas such as: a family members health declines, or perhaps the business takes a different direction and there is disagreement at a generational level perhaps a new generation may or may not like to be part of the business and many many more!

At that point, the challenge is potentially large and it's crucial to get advice from someone who really understands what it’s like to run a family business. The technicalities of accounting and law can follow after the key decisions have been made and must not be allowed to complicate matters.

These can be tough and sometimes brutal times and needs very careful handling. We have handled many successful cases of succession in a family business, so for a confidential, no strings conversation just give us a call…

Family sales development

A family business invariably starts by making ends meet, finding customers or clients who are prepared to pay for their goods or services. They don't usually have the advantage of large corporatised businesses that have the luxury of big budgets to find ways to sell!

The Practice and in particular, Peter Roper, has forty years of business development experience to tap into to help create more and better sales programmes, so for a no-obligation conversation just give us a call…

Family business strategy

There comes a time in every family business where it grows to a point where it needs to bring in an increasing amount of procedures and experience to grow the business.

The temptation at this point is to use techniques from large companies that are corporatised in their thinking, which invariably doesn’t work inside a family business. The trick is to professionalise the business with techniques designed specifically for family firms whatever their size, enabling the identity of the family business to remain intact.
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Family business values and purpose

At the heart of every family business lies the everyday conduct of its employees and family members. Each business attracts and retains both its clients and staff members by working together with a common sense of values and purpose.

The question invariably at some point is what are the values and what is the purpose of the business?

This crucial area is of the highest importance within a family business which can make or break both the business and the family if not aligned.

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Family business communication

There are many statistics that point to communication and its challenges within a business, to be one of the highest areas of contention, particularly within a family business.

Just because a family has grown up together it doesn't mean communication with family members or staff can be taken for granted, in fact invariably it is an area that needs constant attention.

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Family business social responsibility

It's our experience that family businesses are probably the most supportive when it comes to giving a hand to others less fortunate, particularly on a local level. The challenge comes when the values of some individuals and organisations can conflict and if care isn’t taken it can become a minefield even for the most well-intentioned.

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