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Three Family Business Development Programmes

We believe there should be a number of ways our members can access programmes to help them develop and grow both themselves and their business. There is no one size fits all approach that can possibly work for everyone so we have arranged for a number of partnerships with organisations with established track records to assist our members to develop the business of their dreams.

One: The Business Growth Pathway

If you like to work by yourself on a self-study basis but with the online support of experts this might be the programme for you!

This is an intuitive online assessment tool enabling you to understand the critical areas within your business that need action now!

The tool is provided by an organisation that has two decades of high profile business growth consultancy, performance leadership and executive coaching intelligence and insights. Developed across 27 countries, tens of thousands of businesses and a multitude of sectors, enterprises, and governments - distilled into The Business Growth Pathway™, a digital platform that delivers a clear blueprint for scalable growth, wherever you are on your business journey.

"How grown up is your business?"
I have personally been using it and it’s fantastic – in typical Royston style, it’s disruptive and unique as there is nothing else out there in the market like this currently.
You might have used personality-profiling tools in the past, for example; MBTI, Discovery Insights, Disc Profile and Strength Finder. What Royston and his team discovered is there are no similar tools for businesses to assess where they are at on their growth journey. So, that’s what they’ve spent 18 months building.
The Business Growth Pathway™ will assess your business against 10 growth enablers and identify whether you are in the infancy, adolescence, groove or maturity stage. Then it will tell you what you should and shouldn’t be focused on to accelerate the growth of your business.
At the start of a new calendar year, there's no better time to carry out a sense check on where you’re currently at on your growth journey as you set the priority focuses for the year.
No more trial and error, no more generic advice, no more frustration and burning time and energy going down blind alleys. 
Your FREE Demo of the tool
We have partnered with Royston and secured you a FREE demo of the tool. All you need to do is click on this link;
Just click on the Start Today button and it will ask you to fill in some details. 
The great news is the tool is tailored to your size of business so all the information at the front end is part of the tailoring and personalisation to help you get maximum value from The Business Growth Pathway™.
Once completed you will be asked what you’re biggest growth challenge is in 2019 - just select your top challenge and it will take you straight through to your growth enabler to complete.
It only takes 20 minutes to complete and within 90 seconds you’ll have your PDF report assessing where you’re at on your growth journey with a set of recommended Priority Focus Areas and best practices to follow.
And…once you’ve completed your FREE demo we have also secured you a 50% discount on completing all 10-growth enablers as long as you sign up in the next 30 days.
See for yourself…it’s got to be a good investment of only 20 minutes of your time hasn’t it?

Click here to learn more about this exclusive arrangement with the Family Business Practice


Two: The Family Business Practice Momentum Programme

If you like an environment with structure and co-learning with other like-minded business and are looking for a very cost effective programme then this might just be the programme you are looking for.

Executive Training and Consultancy Limited are delighted to be working in partnership with the Family Business Practice, to help the individual members be successful at what they are doing.

Many businesses will be very successful and are looking to improve what they are doing or are looking to take the business to the next level. Or the business is in its infancy and needs a boost to get it moving.

No matter what stage you are at, as a Family Business, you need to ‘fill the fridge’ so you must generate profit.
Our highly successful Momentum programme will help you to grow your Business in a profitable way. There are many coaches and Business advisers in the market and some are good but getting the right one for you and your business is important as you need tangible results. The Momentum programme comes with a guarantee to increase your Profits by at least three times the cost of the programme.

Executive Training and Consultancy has created a unique offering to all Family Business Practice members that they can get the Momentum programme with its full guarantee at 20% the cost! For as little as £75 per month you can get a full Business growth programme to take your business to the next level.

To know more about ETC CLICK HERE

To take the next step email Peter Roper The Family Business Man


Three: Family Business Practice Personal coaching and mentoring

If you want a one to one consultancy programme with experts in the Family Business market place then the Practice is THE place to find what you need.

Peter Roper The Family Business Man has three decades of consultancy experience in the Family Business sector and has a team of individuals within the Practice who can help you. The next step is simply to have a one hour exploratory and complimentary consultation with Peter to understand your needs and find the best person to help you.

Simply get in touch and we can go from there!

To take the next step email Peter Roper The Family Business Man