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We are asked all manner of questions every day, from recommending a local supplier to finding emergency support for a family business member with severe health challenges.

We know lots of people who can help and support you, currently, there are over one hundred and thirty members of our Practice who would be delighted to speak to you and help you with your challenge…What have you got to lose and yet perhaps have everything to gain?
Here are just a few of the more common ones but there are many more so don’t be bashful give us a call!
  • Having trouble with succession planning?
  • Time to move on but how?
  • How do you sell a family business?
  • Are the family constantly squabbling?
  • Father and son at loggerheads?
  • Mom and daughter not speaking?
  • Staff unrest with a new generation?
  • Need a good family business supplier?
  • Need to run an event but don’t know how?
  • Can't find a good financial advisor?
  • Need a better Insurance cover specialist?
  • Want recommendations for a great venue?
  • Looking for Asset financing?
  • Need suggestions about better management of your finances?
  • Want practical help with healthcare provision?
  • Need a networking strategy?
  • Need a better web developer?
  • Does ISO accreditation confuse you?
  • Looking for advice on how to export?
  • Need some quality video work?
  • Problems with HR issues?
  • Looking for a good personal and business will specialist?
  • Want a social media person who really understands the business?
  • Want a connection to a sensible media publication?
  • Need help with your marketing strategy?
  • Want better sales?
  • Do you need some relevant sales training?
  • Want to access funded training and support?
  • Need some high-quality photography?
  • Want to be better at public speaking and presentation?
  • Require help with your CRM and database management?
Just give us a call on 01299 382000... If we don't know the answer we will know someone who does!