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How To Get More Customers And Grow Your Business By ‘Selling’ To Family Firms

Would you like more quality customers?

Of course you would! After all, customers are the lifeblood of any successful business.

But as you know, not all clients are created equally – and it’s for this reason you need to define your dream customer. Who can you best serve? Who will value your skills? Who will pay you what you’re worth?
If family businesses fall into your ideal customer category, then you’re in the right place.
That’s because on this page, I’m going to reveal how you can grow your company by securing more family firms as clients. (And the tactics I reveal might not be what you think).
But why should you proactively seek out a family business as your next client?
As a general rule, family firms make great customers. They’re looking for long-term partnerships (which is great news for suppliers), and they’re keen to work closely with the right people.
As such, if you can help them to get results, you’ll find the relationship very rewarding. It’s the reason figuring out how to sell to a family firm is a smart business investment.
But why am I best placed to help? Why should you listen to me?
Hi. I’m Peter Roper, The Family Business Man
I love family business – it’s a brilliant business model. When all goes well there’s nothing better than working with the people you love and helping your kids realise their entrepreneurial potential.
Personally, I live and breathe family businesses. Over the last 19 years I’ve run six of my own and my business development consultancy has helped countless others succeed.
It’s why I know – with certainty – what makes family firms tick. It’s also why I can teach you the strategies you must implement, if you are to secure these companies as clients.
And if you’re wondering why I want to help you sell to family firms, there’s a very good reason.
Let me explain…
You could be the missing piece of their success jigsaw
Fact is there are lots of family businesses that are on the verge of achieving great things. I’ve met a number of them through my consultancy practice, my networking, and my speaking gigs.
The challenge is that these businesses are often held back because they lack the internal skills, experience, or equipment needed to make the ‘right stuff’ happen. In short, family firms need outside help (your help?), but it’s not always easy to find good people that they trust.
Remember, if suppliers screw up (or disappoint), there’s a lot at stake – especially the family’s livelihood and their reputation (more on this coming up). This perceived risk can prevent family firms outsourcing – even when they know they need to.
So if you’re serious about working with family businesses, the trick isn’t to sell to them. Instead, you need to figure out how you can make a family business feel confident hiring you.
And there’s only one way to do this…
You need to stop selling, build a relationship, and prove to the family that you ‘get’ where they’re coming from. You have to know what makes them tick and you have to understand influences that affect their thinking and their decision-making. It’s the only way to position what you do in the most attractive way, and start to overcome the objections to your offer.
If you can do this, your pitch will increase in relevance and interest. I promise.  
Fact is family businesses think, act, and do differently, but very few suppliers appreciate the significance of this. In a family business, the family and the business are interchangeable. What impacts the family impacts the business (and vice versa). It can be complex and it definitely influences how family firms makes choices. It’s why, when it comes to pitching, lots of suppliers screw up. They don’t understand how their offer fits the family agenda. And when this oversight happens, everyone loses. You don’t get the clients you want, and family businesses struggle to implement.
But how can you possibly know what a family business wants?
I’ve found there are THREE core factors, which matter to every family business. And if you’re serious about building profitable, sustainable relationships with family firms, you MUST know these drivers – and use them to build profitable relationships.
Here’s the first and most important factor of them all…
Revealed. The single biggest driver for family businesses
Family businesses want to ‘fill their fridge’.
Whether that means putting food on the table, paying the mortgage, or helping the family create the lifestyle they want – at its core, the business is there to serve the family and its needs.
Yes, it’s that straightforward.  
But this insight is hugely important to you as a potential supplier. When you demonstrate to a family business owner that you can help fill their fridge (or remove the things that stop it getting stocked), the business is more likely to listen – and buy from you.
No longer is your pitch, generic and ‘salesy’.
Instead, it becomes helpful and relevant to what the family wants (and needs). When you know what drives the family’s thinking and decision-making, you can tweak and tailor your pitch for maximum impact.
And successfully build the relationships, which lead to the sale.

Still want to sell to family businesses?
I’m very serious about showing you HOW to attract more family businesses as clients. I’ve shared one big nugget with you and I have lots more proven tips, tactics, and techniques to reveal.
For me, helping you attract family businesses as clients is good work – because it’s a double win. As well as helping you succeed, I’ll also help more family businesses achieve their goals – and that’s good news for everyone. That’s because:
  • Family businesses win because they get to work with suppliers who get their mindset and are aligned with their thinking and business goals
  • You win because you’ll be equipped to find high-quality clients who want long-term partnerships
But here’s the thing…
I know this knowledge isn’t right for everyone.
If you’re after quick fixes and sleazy sales tactics to help you ‘flog your stuff’, then my training is NOT for you.
But if you want to learn how to build profitable, sustainable relationships with family firms, then my intensives will be perfect for you.
Introducing ‘How To Work With Family Firms’ training
selltofamilybusinessesThe secret to winning family businesses as your clients is to build profitable, sustainable relationships.
So stop trying to sell! Instead, invest in my How To Work With Family Businesses training and discover the key, which could unlock a profitable new revenue stream for you.
Here’s how:
  1. Download my detailed guide – it’s free
Inside you’ll discover the THREE key drivers that influence every family firm. You MUST understand these, if you are to build profitable relationships and secure their business. You can’t buy this PDF guide, but you can get it for free when you join my mailing list. 
  1. Book a one-hour consultation – it’s also free
During our chat, we’ll explore how you can best pitch your services to family firms. I’ll also share details about my training intensives and consultancy. But don’t worry. This is NOT a disguised sales pitch – it’s about creating a relationship with you. And if this becomes the only time we chat, we’ll part as friends and you’ll be left with something tangible which you can use and implement.
  1. Book a training intensive
These fast-paced training events are the quickest way to get you up to speed with pitching successfully for new business from family firms. You have two choices:
  1. Book a one-to-one intensive. By the end of our day together, you’ll have in your hands a bespoke action plan detailing the steps you’ll take to create more profitable relationships with family firms
  1. Join a Peppermint Hangout – an invitation only event. Alternatively, join an intimate group of like-minded people serious about learning how to sell to family businesses. We’ll spend an intensive day exploring the strategies, approaches, and tactics that work. You’ll leave armed with a plan of action and inspired to find new customers – without the need for any sleazy sales tactics.
(N.B. If you’re even a little bit interested in a Peppermint Hangout now or in the future, then please get yourself on my list. That way I can let you know when dates become available. There’s no obligation if you raise your hand, so get in touch now to ensure so you don’t miss out).
Let’s work together to help more family businesses succeed.
Speak soon.
Peter Roper
The Family Businessman
P.S. If I can help you in any way, just let me know!