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Hogarths Stone Manor LogoStone Manor is the original venue for the first Family Business Practice event and whether you are member or guest you are certain to have a productive and relaxed time...

A buffet and refreshments will be provided!

Please note the Time: from 4.30pm onwards, finish at 7.30pm.

This event runs continuously and needs your attendance throughout the evening until 7.70pm. If you cannot attend the whole event please inquire with us to see if there is a place available before booking.

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Its all about tea!!

Its all about tea!!

Providing Clarity of Purpose to your business


Tuesday 9 April 2019

Do you, your colleagues and your teams all really know why you are
doing what you do?

Are your teams all contributing to improving efficiency’s and

Do you dismiss other ideas unless they come from you?
If so, then this workshop is for you.

The workshop will demonstrate the different ways of recognising various systems in your
organisation, how they should fit your core purpose and how to ensure there is one….that
fits 80% of actions, and allows flexibility for the 20% of curved balls.

We will challenge your thinking and show how a simple task can mean so many things to so
many people. We will give you a way of working with your colleagues and teams to
challenge their current thinking, to ensure you all have the same clarity of purpose.
Suddenly colleagues and team ideas will be more relevant and positively contribute to

Investment is £5 and 1 hour of your time, with so much to gain. Proceeds go to
Edwards Trust and drinks and cake will be provided to help you along the way.
Join us on Tuesday 9 April, 3-4pm, Hogarths Stone Manor,

Bring peers, clients and colleagues, who will benefit from this easy

This workshop is driven by Steve Parker and Claire Lawton, who’s work covering HR, People
Management, Motivation, strategic growth and more, is increasingly successful, both
locally, in the UK and Internationally. They get into the hearts and minds of business
owners and their teams to maximise performance deliver the best.

Just £5.00 to members. All proceeds go to Edwards Trust.

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