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Members' on why they like the Practice

Here is a selection of three of our members, taken at random, on what they like about the Family Business Practice, always informative and a very worthwhile few minutes of your time.

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Since 2003, Crystal Thought has focused on creating marketing materials and creative websites for small to medium sized businesses.

William Withers is half-Danish, so was born with a love of design. At the age of eight he became a techie when he got his hands on a computer for the first time. He combines both interests these days as Managing Director of Crystal Thought, designing graphics for company marketing materials and coding websites that deliver.
He’s been involved with the Family Business Practice since the very beginning because he’s responsible for Peter Roper’s marketing materials, including those for the Practice.
William appreciates the civilised nature of the meetings – he likes the evening timeslot, which he says makes a change from the 6:00am starts he’s more used to when networking, and he also highly rates the food that’s served.
He also likes the people and their approach to business, which make the atmosphere at a Family Business Practice meeting a bit different. “I happily recommend the Practice to people,” he says, “but only if they are right sort of person. Someone who understands that networking isn't hard selling to the room.”
It all means William enjoys Family Business Practice meetings, but what about the results? Is attending worthwhile for him and his business? Undoubtedly, yes: “Opportunities have been created, business has been done,” he says.
If you’d like to meet William in person, head to a Kidderminster meeting, because that’s the one he most frequently attends, although he has been known to go to the Solihull and Wolverhampton ones too.

William Withers of Crystal Thought
David’s company, Virtechs Ltd, provides 3D, 4D and 5D design services to housebuilders and supports large construction companies and their supply chains in understanding and implementing BIM processes.

David has known and admired Peter for some years and was keen to be part of the Practice. David comments:

“As a family business myself, I understood what the Practice was trying to do. The meetings are an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who face the same challenges as you do. It’s a pleasurable way to do business.”

David goes to the Kidderminster Family Business Practice and appreciates the format of the meetings and the venue. He does business with people in the room and says:

“I’ve made connections that will bear fruit over time, which is very much the way my business works.”

And would David recommend the Family Business Practice?

“Very much so. I’d recommend it to any family business or supplier to family businesses to give it a try and see what they think – you’d be silly not to.”
David Emery, Architectural Technician and BIM Consultant
Nicholas says his role as a financial life planner is about helping people to understand where they are, and more importantly, where they want to be.

Nicholas has been involved with the Family Business Practice since the very beginning and he was a Patron of the Practice last year. Nicholas is a regular attendee at the Kidderminster meetings and says there’s something unique about the atmosphere in the room:

‘It’s a room full of lovely people who are good at what they do.”

He’s known Peter for some time and praises what he brings to the Family Business Practice.

“Peter has got three qualities that help make the meetings what they are. He’s good at getting people into the room, which is harder than it looks. He’s good at making sure a meeting runs smoothly. And he’s good at creating an atmosphere in which everyone feels able to be heard. As a result I always feel relaxed and at ease in the meetings.”

As well as enjoying the meetings, Nicholas has also won business as a result of attending but adds that he works hard at following up – being proactive not pushy, as he describes it.
He says the Practice has a lot to offer the right type of business. He says:

“I’d recommend it to people who want to build their business on relationships not sales. When you do this, the sales look after themselves.”
Nicholas Lee, Financial Life Planner