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Mentoring and Development programmes for your family business

These are just some of the many programmes I deliver on behalf of my clients – if you have a need there is probably a programme for it and, if not with me, then one of several close associates I have that I can recommend personally.

I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I usually know someone who can help… 
Introducing a Business Development Programme Exclusively for Family Business Owners
When your family business is achieving its goals (and its profits are fuelling your perfect family lifestyle), it’s the best feeling in the world.
But as you well know, it’s not easy to build a successful family business. The journey is bumpy – you may be experiencing an inevitable blip right now – it could be the very reason you’re reading this page…
For example: 
  • You may be wondering how you’re going to ‘fill your fridge’ and give your family the things they want and need
  • You may struggle with your work-life balance – and feel guilty for neglecting your family, your business, or both
  • A pressing problem may lead to overwhelming – because you lack the knowledge or experience to take remedial steps
  • Sales may be slow and you’re not sure how to kick-start your sales funnel
  • Challenging family relationships could have a detrimental effect far beyond the business
  • You may be exceptionally busy, but trade isn’t profitable
Alternatively, your pressing challenge could be something positive.
For example, you may want to expand into new marketsscale without breaking, or expand your team – but feel unsure how to take the next steps to maximise the opportunity.
Regardless of the challenge you face, family business development can help you formulate a clear plan and guide you to take the actions necessary to achieve the results you want.

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If you’re committed to building a successful family business, you need a strategy to find and keep more customers, build your reputation, and create a rock solid, sustainable business that can be passed from your generation to the next.

Whatever your goals, it’s a big ask to achieve all this alone. And that’s not because you’re incapable.
When you’re knee-deep in your business, it’s hard to step back and see the bigger picture. As a result, you can overlook the obvious and seriously slow your journey to success.
And that’s how my Family Business Development Programme can help…
Work one-to-one with me and you’ll have a trusted coach, mentor, and consultant on hand to hold you accountable. So take advantage of my fresh eyes and masses of business experience – I’m here to ensure you get the clarity and insight you need to achieve your strategic objectives.
So you see business development is an investment in you, your family, and your company’s sustainable future. It’s about filling the fridge and beyond.
Your investment is a powerful statement that you’re prepared to do what it takes, to create the success you desire. It’s also a sign that you believe in yourself enough, to seek the help and support you need to make your goals a reality.
Even the most successful business owners seek outside support. I promise, working with someone you trust is a sure-fire way to accelerate your progress and achieve far more than you could alone.
When choosing to invest in a business development programme, it’s critical you make the right choice.

You and your coach/mentor/consultant must be a perfect match – otherwise, how will you have the candid, open, honest conversations you need to enable the sought-after breakthrough?
But rapport and a match of personalities is not enough…
As a family business owner, its critical your business development mentor understands what it takes to run a family business. I cannot stress the importance of this aspect enough. And here’s why…
Whether you like it or not, your business and your family are completely interlinked and entwined.
While you may be able to compartmentalise, you CAN’T separate the two…
What happens in your family affects your business – and what happens in your business affects your family.
As a result, any business development plan and activity MUST consider the impact that business decisions will have on your broader family lifestyle. If they don’t, they won’t work (and you won’t get the results you want). In fact, business development advice that fails to factor in the family can actually cause more harm than good.
It’s this consideration of your business in your wider life that differentiates the business support you can expect from the Family Business Man.
Family businesses are my speciality…
In the last Three Decades, I’ve created and run six family businesses with my wife and my children. Three have been stunning successes and three have been miserable failures. I’ve enjoyed the highs of huge achievements, and the massive lows of losing it all, followed by the strength to build it all again. I’ve felt the struggle of filling the fridge and providing for my family. And I’ve felt the enormous pride when it all goes well (and the humility when plans have failed).
As you can imagine, I’ve learnt A LOT over the last three decades – and it’s all packaged into my Family Business Development Programme. So trust me when I say I’ll understand your specific situation. You’ll find I do have the insight to help you move forward.
Prior to running my family businesses, I was a corporate man – so I’ve experienced business development from both sides. As such, you’ll find I’m knowledgeable about a wide range of strategies, tools, and situations. What’s more, everything I share is not just grounded in theory. I’ve invested in and studied a huge range of business development tactics and techniques over the years. This isn’t finger in the air stuff.
Instead, everything I recommend is 100% practical and implementable. I've tried and tested every tool, technique, and idea. I know what works, and I’m confident you'll get results too when you invest in this programme. 
My Family Business Development Programme is a 12-month, one-to-one, intensive with me.

Over the next year, we’ll work together to introduce the five keys for family business success into your company. Here’s a quick overview of all five keys:
  1. REASONS: First and foremost we’ll understand why you’re in business in the first place.
This isn’t a superficial exercise. Instead, we’ll dig deep and seek to understand your motivations.
When you have clarity over your WHY, not only will goal setting become much easier, but you’ll find decision-making less challenging too. That’s because your REASONS give you a barometer against which you can assess all your opportunities… and confidently make the right choice for you, your business, and most importantly, your family.
  1. RESULTS: Next, we’ll look to understand what it is you want to achieve now, next, and in the future:
    1. Do you want to scale?
    2. Are you planning to build a legacy, which you can pass on?
    3. Is it time to think about succession planning?
Results are all about setting the goals that will help you create the family lifestyle you desire (and the business that can deliver it). With goals set, we’ll identify your gap, and then plan the strategic steps needed to get you where you want to be.
  1. REPUTATIONReputation is critical to family businesses. Your reputation speaks volumes about your company AND your family. As such, pride and family values mean you want customers, prospects, and your wider audience thinking and saying the right things about you.
We’ll explore how you want your business to be perceived – and then create a communication strategy to help you achieve that. Whether you need a hand to nail your social media strategy, your content, or your face-to-face networking skills, we can work together to build a reputation designed to help your business succeed.
  1. PEOPLE: The quality of your people and the relationships you have with them will influence your company’s performance – hugely. From motivating your staff to perform to ironing out the inevitable differences with your children, we’ll look at the steps needed to create harmony at work – and therefore at home.
  1. PRESENTATION: Finally, we’ll review how your message is delivered. From elevator pitches to short presentations, we’ll work together until you can confidently deliver a powerful presentation – one that leaves your customers, prospects, and wider network, fully informed about what you do, how you can help, and who you want to work with. 
If you believe your company could benefit from my Family Business Development Programme, simply book your Discovery Call. It’s completely free and you’re under no obligation to proceed.

If, after our chat, you think this programme is perfect for you, I’ll invite you to attend a one-day, Fast-Track Strategy Session at my office in Cleobury Mortimer, Worcestershire.
During our day together we’ll review the five keys as they apply to your company and begin to plan a strategy for your business development over the coming 12 months.
This one-day strategy session kick-starts our 12-month programme – but you can benefit from this day with no risk:
  • If you decide we’re not a good match, you’re free to walk away. I’ll happily refund your investment – no quibbles and no questions asked
  • And if I feel I can’t help, again, I’ll refund your investment and we’ll part as friends
It’s critical we both feel this programme is right for you. If there are any doubts, you won’t get full value from my support – and that won’t sit well with me.  
After your Fast-Track Strategy Day, we’ll meet monthly to review your progress, set fresh goals, discuss your challenges and successes, and tackle any problems. In addition to our regular face-to-face meetings, you’re also entitled to unlimited email and telephone support during the gaps between our meetings.
In short, once you commit to your family business development, you need never be alone. I will always be contactable for you to ask questions, share concerns, or give advice.
What’s my investment, Peter?

Simply pick one of the following options:
Only £397 (NO VAT) per month
Only £497 (NO VAT) per month
  1. One family Business Development kick-starter session
Spend a full day together at the beginning of the programme strategizing and working with me on your business
  1. Monthly face-to-face reviews
Spend a half day each month reviewing progress and planning for success
  1. Unlimited email and telephone support
Never feel alone… help is always available should you wish to chat between meetings
Get everything in the £397 package PLUS one FULL review day per quarter – followed by half-day reviews in between.
This option is perfect if you want to have a bit more face-to-face contact with me. 
Remember, this package is priced as a 12-month investment with 12 easy monthly payments (to help with your cash flow). I require you to stick around for a year to maximise the results we enjoy together. After all, you never know when your breakthrough moment will occur…
Plus bonuses! 
In addition to your monthly package, I’ll also give you full access to my Family Business Development Toolkit. It’s worth over £250.
Inside, you’ll discover:
  • The complete set of my three business books (real hard copies!)
    • And Death Came Third…
    • Running ON Empty
    • The Reputation Game
  • PLUS The Go-Giver – by Bob Burg
  • Twelve months Regular membership of the Family Business Practice
Let’s fill your fridge…
Speak soon.
Peter Roper
The Family Business Man