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Listen to your clients and take action!

Listen to your clients and take action!
The Family Business Practice now enters its next phase – as so many businesses are doing in 2020!It was very clear to me in the early days of lockdown that the Practice was going to have to change radically hence we launched Check-In and Connect sessions almost immediately.

However, I wanted to hear from our members and outside influencers how they felt we could serve them moving forward and so the best route was to listen – hence, for instance, the survey we commissioned.

From it, we are clear that the work to date has been very well received and it is now time to move on to our next phase of effective reconstruction.

So many businesses are doing the same thing and it is a seminal moment for many family businesses. However, the one thing I know to be true is that one key attribute most family businesses have is adaptability – some may say it's a case of having to be, however, we are lucky that we can count on it.

Right now it is a probability your business needs to adapt and change- if you are having a challenge coming to terms with that why not visit the Practice and see what others think and how perhaps they can help?

You know where we are...

Until the next time,