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Turn the family business back on, but to what?

Turn the family business back on, but to what?
As I type this, we have had the busiest three months of my life.
We have completely changed our business model and over the next couple of weeks will have completed a full marketing rebrand including website, social media campaign even a refreshed logo!
Moreover, on the back of a member survey and wider business survey which had to be assessed, corroborated, considered, we have devised, produced, costed and agreed on, a complete implementation programme.
Plus, constantly talked to as many of our members as possible whilst building a new CRM system!!!
However, for many of our members, the opposite has been the case essentially switching off the business and in many ways mothballing their operations until allowed back to trade.
During the next few weeks, we all have one thing in common facing up to what Peter Baylis has coined the phrase within the Practice as the "New Norm".
The truth is we have our strong suspicions of how life is going to be - at least for the next few months. If we believe the press it is close to Armageddon for the country and I don’t doubt it is going to be tough going.
However, unlike the naysayers, I choose to believe that as always, this country, its people and in our case our family businesses, will rise to the challenge and figure out how to make things work.
The one thing I know to be true with family businesses is that we will do what we always do which is to adapt and move on.
So right now, just like everyone else, I can’t tell you what the future holds but trust your instincts.
Do the right thing.
And be grateful you can still see the sun and smell the rain this morning when others can’t. And move on...
Until the next time,