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Epiphany… A Moment Of Sudden And Great Revelation Or Realisation

Epiphany… A Moment Of Sudden And Great Revelation Or Realisation
Those of you who enjoy a great film may know the line from Love Actually where Bill Nighy, in character as Billy Mack, says to his manager “I think I must have had an epiphany or something” where he realises he would rather spend New Year’s Eve with his rotund manager than lots of women at a party!
Well let’s keep the other definition of Epiphany (a religious context) away at this stage (no offence intended) but I feel this week I have been through a similar ephiphany! No, I don’t want to spend a drunken evening with my road manager as, after all, I am not a pop star, nor do I have a manager!
However, I suddenly realised this week what a lucky position I have been in the last few weeks. Because I am the moderator for all our Practice Connect sessions, I am the only person to listen and gain the knowledge of ALL our presenters! It does explain why I have pages of notes from each session and am currently wondering how the heck I am going to do all the things they suggest – however what a lucky position to be in!

So, two things are going to happen as it isn’t fair that I get all this and no one else does:
  1. I will highlight the key learning I have gleaned from each session here in the Spotlight
  2. We will look to make the presentations available (with permission) via our you tube channel for members and guests to view – keep your eyes out for details!
In the meantime, here, in just one line, are the key things to think about this week and who they came from…

And here is a hint: if they resonate with you then get in touch with the individual and /or lookout for the next session they are running…
  1. “Our Connect and Check In Sessions are powerful!” Peter Roper
  2. “Email marketing must satisfy a key challenge and not be generalist” Nathan Littleton
  3. “Look at BLM (Black Lives Matter) from two sides” Ifzal Akhtar
  4. “Businesses require solution-driven learning” Ian White
  5. “One of the keys to creating a long-term business is resilience!” Dave James
Until the next time…