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Time for a family business to harvest!

Time for a family business to harvest!
As I look out of my window, I am very blessed to look over fields currently filled with both cows and sheep grazing in the sunshine. Further on the fields of potatoes, corn and wheat are turning golden brown. The first combine has gone down the lane positioned ready to start the harvest at the most opportune moment between the crop being at its best and the weather is dry.

A farmer is often in a constant set of turmoil with their fields in particular – is the weather too warm or too cold, too wet, or too dry?

Farmers have been the home of a traditional family business, for multiple generations, and have all the challenges associated with their work and their families. In these changing times, the pressure is on them even more, particularly with the uncertainty for them regarding BREXIT etc.

For the Family Business Practice, we are at a similar time – we have laid our foundations post lockdown and pivoted (I don't like the expression but it does explain things!) into a new regime that for the foreseeable future is internet-based. We have produced a completely new way of working yet in the main continue to provide the basis for our members to promote themselves and learn from each other.

The new website is about to be launched and new social media programme to follow behind. It is now time for us to harvest our hard work and expand our business appropriately.

How about you?

In the last few months many of you have changed the way you work and laid new foundations and sowed new seeds – is it time for you to harvest, or are you looking for new fields to start the process again? I guess time will tell....

If you need a hand you know where we are…

Until the next time,

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