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Sometimes family businesses need a new spark!

Sometimes family businesses need a new spark!
This weekend we have been lucky enough to spend time with two of our grandchildren plus a family barbeque – it was a simple and delightful pleasure.
Whilst we were at our daughter’s house, I peeked at my son in laws petrol hedge cutter which had decided not to start for some reason: Two-stroke engines usually need a few things – the correct petrol mix, fuel getting into the engine, decent compression, and a proper spark from the ignition.

This piece of kit had the first three, but the spark was weak – diagnosis a new spark plug which is on its way as I type this. Hopefully, there will be a successful conclusion, or it might be more serious which would be a shame because I want to borrow it for our hedge!

Over the last few months for some of us, our spark has diminished as COVID and its effects have mentally worn us down. Frankly, a lot of us in family businesses need a break if we can get one! That is exactly what we are going to do for the next few days to get ready for what I personally believe will be a very hectic September and onwards.

And in fact, Hazel, who produces Spotlight for us, is taking a break right now for the very same reason!

My point is if it is either now or at some point later, however small, we all need to take time to sharpen our minds as much as our bodies. It gives us the chance to refresh, renew and… get back our spark!

How about you? Have you taken a little time to do so?

I do hope so and am really looking forward to seeing you in a few days time.

The Practice is growing from strength to strength and we have plenty of new things to help you in September so stay plugged in. Do book onto sessions as early as possible because they will fill up and if you think you can help the Practice do drop me an email or call. You know where I am!

Until the next time…

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