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Family Businesses - It is time to show what you are really made of…

Family Businesses - It is time to show what you are really made of…
Anny and I have taken the last few days as a holiday – we needed a break after being flat out since lockdown in March as we regenerated our business.

Yes, the term REGENERATE – not just for DR Who! We took the qualities of the practice our members loved and changed the business to suit the new world we live in. A world primarily of Zoomathons!

Now I would be lying if I told you we have done no work these past few days, but we have done significantly less and taken time to chill out at home at least a little!

My brother sent me a link to one of Simon Sinek's many presentations this week. Simon is a very good speaker and has something worthwhile listening to on many occasions.

His speech on EMPATHY stuck a major chord with me and I would urge you to get a cuppa and watch it. CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK

It struck a chord with me for two reasons:

The first was it took me back to the nineties when I had a senior position in a corporate and grew tired of the shareholder and profit attitude that was prevalent then (and still is now, unfortunately). To me, when you take a senior position Sinek's statement, whilst not new, still resonates today, in fact perhaps even more so I believe.

Leadership is about empathy and perspective "It's not about being in charge…The real job is about taking care of those in our charge"

Hopefully, as it is clear Sineks career is clearly set at changing corporates, I wish him luck that he can make a difference to them.

But what about family businesses?

I believe (I hope, not through rose-tinted glasses) that many family businesses not only understand this concept but actively display it on a day to day basis. Ok, perhaps not all, however I feel a significant proportion of family businesses really do take care of those that work for them in way that corporates simply do not understand.

But here is the rub:

We do not tell people we do it as to us it is just part of being a family business.
So, in these times we find ourselves in I truly feel we, as family businesses, need to do exactly that – tell people we believe in taking care of those we are in charge of!

And that is why I say it’s time to tell the world what you are really made of family businesses. Because if you as an individual, and we as a collective, do just that, then perhaps we will see far better decision making from those corporate entities that in many cases simply do not know any better…
As Simon says – where is the training?

Funnily enough, Gillian Anderson and I are launching a programme called Regenerate your business in October and we will be covering this as one of many subjects.

Perhaps it might be useful for you...

Until next time, 

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