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Do not underestimate the depth of knowledge around you

Do not underestimate the depth of knowledge around you
Recently I organised a meeting with a small number of existing Family Business Practice members to discuss how collectively we could attract and serve businesses from a couple of specific market sectors. These members have been saying for some time that we needed a specific and targeted approach to a segment of business that is well known for its different stance regarding events, networking, webinars etc – in short they felt we needed a refined approach!

And I agreed!

What clicked for me from just a seventy-two-minute zoom call was what an amazing group of people they are. Not just in experience and skill sets, but from a human standpoint. They were all keen to see how they could serve not just the practice, but other members and other markets and I was struck by their humility, candidness, and resourcefulness.

I do not doubt that under the current market conditions we all need to have a group of individuals and businesses looking out for us and us looking out for them. Business is not just about pound notes or dollars it really is about relationships and friendships too – and for the long term.

We are blessed to know such people and others like them within the practice and frankly in these challenging times it was a timely reminder of what is available to us…

So how about you?

How many individuals are you surrounded by who have the expertise, knowledge, and most of all desire to help you and your business?

Perhaps you want to meet some more people like those I have just mentioned – if you have not been to a practice event you are sure to be impressed by them!

Why not give it a go?

Go on you know you want to! 😊

Until the next time…

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