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Rise and fall... and rise again!

Rise and fall... and rise again!

I have found a new toy - and it is very good!

I am sure many of you have worked from home as opposed to the office in recent times.  Pre-lockdown I was splitting my time between the two. However, since March I have visited the office just six times and the likelihood is that, for some time to come at least, it will remain the status quo.

The trouble is sitting down on a non-orthopaedic type chair at home for work really was not doing my back a lot of good....

So, after prevaricating for some weeks, I finally bought myself a stand and sit desk converter, so I can work standing up or sitting down as I please.

In fairness, our son Chris has been doing so for some time and had been extolling the virtues of it. Me being me, I was down the make do and mend track… I was very wrong!

My posture is better, my back certainly is and frankly, I feel better in myself.

So, take a leaf out of our sons’ book and get a rise and fall it will make such a difference – regardless of whether at home or in an office… You can rise and fall to your heart's content!

Let me know how you get on.

Until the next time,


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