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Choosing The Right Business Awards For You

Choosing The Right Business Awards For You
Award winner, Sandy Hearn from Elite PA Solutions, offers her top tips to choosing the right Business Award for you.

If you’ve never taken a step into the world of business awards it may feel like a somewhat intimidating experience. While we often see images of awards ceremonies on our social media newsfeeds, of glitz, glamour and lots of bubbly, it doesn’t capture all the initial hard work, the rollercoaster of emotions and levels of uncertainty that go into a successful entry.

With an extensive list of business awards out there, along with a large number of categories, how do you make the right choice for your business?

Take your time to consider which awards would be most beneficial for you, think about what you are looking to achieve by entering and which category would be most appropriate. I’d recommend curating a list of awards your competitors have won or been shortlisted for, along with considering business awards that are highly regarded within your specific industry sector. It is important to consider awards that are relevant to your location, look at regional awards – this is especially important if you run a business with high footfall or rely on custom from your local community.

Take some time to list the strengths and operational aspects of your business, if you’re a customer-facing company then applying for customer service awards should be top of your list. If you’re working in a competitive market, you may want to consider applying for a ‘most recommended’ or ‘best value’ award category, this will help your business stand out from the competition.

Be smart about which awards to enter. There are so many to choose from so be sure to pick the business awards that will raise the visibility of your business. By taking part and going through the entry process you have the opportunity to take a real look ‘under the bonnet of your business’ and from my perspective this was hugely beneficial. Approach the process stage by stage and remember you have to be in it to win it – so don’t take too long deciding!

This article was written by Sandy Hearn at Elite PA Solutions.
Elite PA Solutions is a team of Virtual PAs who provide a premium business support service saving you time by taking care of the operational side of both your business and personal life.
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