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Family Businesses, it is time for laser beam focus and be clear “How to…”!

Family Businesses, it is time for laser beam focus and be clear “How to…”!
At the start of a new year, it is very tempting to settle into things. For many, this is the start of the month and year and it is tempting to just answer a few emails and flex our muscles slowly.

But this is not like any year we have known – 2021 will be again very different to what we have been used to and frankly, as in any running race, we all need to get off to a cracking start.

This means we have to focus on what is most important in the coming weeks and months and where possible achieve our absolute maximum because as you well know it is not going to get done unless you do it!

This year in the practice we are looking at different parts of the business and during the next four months we will have over forty zoom based presentations by members and myself with a theme of “How to…..” because if ever there was a time to be clear how to do something it is now – and if we do not know then hopefully, we will have a session to help you.

The practice is here to help as much as possible and has a laser beam focus. We know what we want to achieve and by when with who and if we need help along the way we have a boatload of experience in our members on which to call from when we need to – and you can too…

Make the absolute best of yourself this year and do not be afraid to ask for help along the way.

And by the way, if you know some answers to “How to questions perhaps you could offer to run a session for us – just ask…

Until the next time,

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