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FREE Tech Workshops At The Practice

FREE Tech Workshops At The Practice
This digital era has taken the world by storm. If you don’t keep up, as a business, you can risk being left behind. Remember BlockBusters? Once a common sight on every high street, unfortunately for them they failed to develop a streaming service. Before they knew, it Netflix had taken over. It always stands as a powerful reminder to me - to keep up with the times. If you don’t yet have skills to stay ahead, then it suits you well to learn them.

I suppose it does help that I actually quite like technology, and I’m fascinated about what can be achieved with the right tools. I might not always fully understand the ins and outs, but if I’m excited by the concept, that will power me on to learn more.

The pandemic has made us more reliant on technology than ever. I don’t think many of us had even heard of zoom before March 2020. Now most of us are reliant on it, as our only form of human interaction each day. It’s a little sad, but thank goodness we have it!

With this in mind, I wanted to offer businesses a regular monthly workshop aimed at teaching them the tech skills they would need to keep their business current. Luckily, we have some expert tech wizards in the practice, who were also excited about the idea of a tech workshop. With their help we’ve come up with a fantastic opportunity for anyone who chooses to attend.

The first in this series of workshops will focus on video content. ‘How to create and share videos on social media that connect with your audience’ with Dave Bird founder of Small Biz Digital Media and Rich Brown at QBD. Video is becoming the ‘must-have’ to capture the attention of your prospects. During this workshop Dave and Rich will show you how to get your key messages across in an engaging way and how to make your brand stand out without being a pushy sales person.

We really want these workshops to benefit all, whether you’re experienced at video or not. It’s also a place to raise any questions or concerns you have regarding video content on social media. Social media plays valuable role in driving leads to your website and a striking video can really capture their attention.

So this article, is an invitation for you all to attend and either brush up on your skills or if needed learn some new ones.

Spaces for this workshop are limited, so don’t hesitate in booking your place today. We have over 50 FREE online events over the next few months and signing up couldn’t be easier – just visit our website and send us your email address for a zoom invite.
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