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Nine things we've learned from 2020: Part Seven - We All Need A Trusted Network!

Nine things we've learned from 2020: Part Seven - We All Need A Trusted Network!

Here at the practice, we have lots of sessions where we ask challenging questions of ourselves and our members. One of the key Check-ins we had in January looked at what we all learned from the previous year and I have been asked on several occasions to publish the discussion.

This would take ages to do so and frankly my experience is that most people would not stay the course so for the next few weeks I will list one of the nine keys that came from the discussions and my take on them.

This week: We all need a trusted network!

When I started our business twenty-five years ago my network of contacts was considerable.

Unfortunately, it was the wrong group of people for what I had decided to do moving forward.

All that effort of creating a little black book of contacts became irrelevant to what I was now doing, and I learned the hard way that it can be very lonely running your own business.

During the following years I have established a wide-reaching network base and it is considerable in size.

However, I have to say the group of trusted individuals I have at my fingertips is considerably smaller.

That’s because over the years this smaller group have proved to have values, I agree with and work to. I recognise in them that they hold high ideals and morals when dealing with everyone not just clients and frankly I can trust them to do what they say they can do – and I hope they feel the same about both me and our business.

A trusted network is invaluable but takes time to develop and you will have to kiss a few frogs along the way… Take the time to do so, it will improve your business immeasurably.

There are many trusted people within the Family Business Practice, and I urge you to take the time to get to know them and gain their trust – you won’t be disappointed.

Until the next time,

Peter Roper.

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