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Peter's #Thought4TheWeek - We crave physical connection in business… or do we?

Peter's #Thought4TheWeek - We crave physical connection in business… or do we?

The last few days have been hectic.


We had our first Family Business Practice HUDDLE, fifteen of us meeting over a working lunch and in a style not dissimilar to our old events, however slightly condensed in time. It proved to be a huge success.


We will now make them a monthly event alongside our considerable list of zoom events.


I attended the Professional Speaking Association Spring Conference on Friday and Saturday at the ICC in Newport. With around one hundred or so delegates it was an excellent event albeit tiring!


On Sunday we spent a family day at Bristol Docks.


It was a lovely family time, meandering around eating some nice grub and generally just enjoying each other’s company, something we haven’t been able to do for a very long time.


Bristol Docks really is worth a visit, especially if the weather is nice which fortunately on the day it was!


Frankly, as I write this today, I am still tired from the three events – but happy!


Outwardly then we have had lots of physical connections with people both in business and at a personal level and everything is back to normal… or is it?


Besides the lack of staff in so many businesses and therefore, lack of training and development of new starters, it is obvious that people are still struggling.


Some mentally with the longevity of the pandemic and recent awful events in Ukraine.


Others to understand if there are new rules to apply when meeting people???


For instance, I saw many who were happy to hug, some to just tap elbows, perhaps a handshake under duress and yet others not wanting physical connection at all, preferring to keep their distance. Whilst some were happy to speak closely to one another others clearly wanted more personal space.


Some people still wear masks, the vast majority however not. Some act in a pre-pandemic way with others clearly very unsure and uncomfortable.


It was also clear to me that some individuals were oblivious to these people’s varying needs and were alienating themselves to a proportion of the world without knowing it.


What’s the point, Peter?


There are many words that describe personal values (I have a list of two hundred and thirty!). In this case, I would suggest the words THOUGHTFUL and OBSERVANT to be most applicable in business and the wider world in these times.


Don’t assume that everyone is the same, recognise where the comfort level is when in company. Be open and ask the question about how comfortable they are with say shaking hands or hugging or not wearing masks. Take the extra time to see where that individual’s current level of acceptable is and then run with it.


PLUS, don’t be afraid to say where your own level is, so if it’s different no awkward or embarrassing moments take place.


Most of all don’t fall for the old saying “treat people the way you would like to be treated” – in this case, it simply doesn’t cut the mustard! So run with the level BOTH OF YOU are comfortable with.


It will be good for your health, well-being, and your business!


The Family Business Practice is now having both zoom events and face to face events.


Until the next time…

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