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When life is challenging do you go to REAL experts? #Thought4TheWeek

When life is challenging do you go to REAL experts?  #Thought4TheWeek

I have had three reminders recently about experts.

Our August holidays visiting our daughter Hazel in Northern Ireland were eventful in several ways.

Reminder one:

By now many of you will have heard that I damaged my hamstring on the first day of our holiday.

Self-inflicted… yes!

Stupid… yes!

Besides reminding myself that I am neither immortal nor twenty-four still (yes, I know men never grow up!) I realised I would need help and support to fix myself.

This week after the initial few weeks of rest, yoga, and gentle swimming I am going to a local well-proven chiropractor who I know from personal experience is excellent at what they do. I know I will be in safe hands as they are a REAL expert.

Reminder two:

On the evening before returning from holiday having loaded the car up ready for an early start, I noticed the nearside front tyre was low and on inspection realised I had picked up a nail.

Not wanting to drive three hundred and fifty miles the next day on a slow flat (or perhaps get stuck on the ferry) the only answer was a very early dash to a tyre depot.

Fortunately, Hazel knew of one locally and she was confident they would fix things quickly.

We arrived as they opened, Hazel explained we needed to catch the ferry and sure enough, they were quick, efficient, and fixed the puncture and all for just £12 quid! They could have taken advantage and insisted on a new tyre, but they did the right thing, and we were very happy.

And yes, we caught the ferry with time to spare!

They are REAL experts.

Both the above have of course one thing in common in that they are family businesses with years of experience and track records…

…but you probably already guessed that…

Reminder three:

Since returning to the office, I have been inundated with emails, social media and youtube adverts from so-called experts, who suggest they can make me a fortune in literally weeks. Yet even with just a little investigation, they all run the same marketing programme and I have yet to find anyone who has a REAL track record…

What’s the point, Peter?

The temptation in the next few months, which by all accounts are going to be trying for our businesses, will be to cut corners.

To find cheaper or flashy alternatives.

Perhaps look for lots of free advice and maybe baulking at paying a going rate for fear of cash flow, etc etc.

To work with less experienced businesses and individuals who promise loads and then underdeliver.

REAL experts can assist businesses because they have the track record, experience, and ability to do so and this must come at a fair price, or better still, perceived as an investment.

Personally, I have forty years of experience in business development, primarily with family businesses – that experience is invaluable to family businesses as an investment in themselves and their business.

The Family Business Practice has many individuals and businesses that have a similar lifetime experience, REAL experts, not someone that has been around for thirty seconds that wants you to pay bonkers amounts of money for an unproven service.

Look to REAL people for help and don't fall for clever marketing campaigns…

BTW I have introduced a simple tip of the week by request and this quarter it is on the most important of matters in business – TRUST.

Take note below and do look out for our new initiatives – you won’t be disappointed!

The Family Business Practice is a vibrant learning and development community full of great people and businesses who in many cases give of their time and expertise to help others, PLUS do business together where appropriate!

CLICK HERE to see the latest events and book on soon – you will be glad you did.

Go on you know you want to!

Until the next time…


Peter Roper The Family Business Man

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