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When all those around you are losing their heads what do you do? #Thought4TheWeek

When all those around you are losing their heads what do you do? #Thought4TheWeek

When all those around you are losing their heads what do you do?

I’m not going to be political; I try hard not to take sides in politics.

I have my views as we all do but I have always respected everyone’s right to have an opinion, after all that’s democracy.

But I can’t help feeling that on a worldwide basis we seem to have the worst set of politicians I have seen in my lifetime. Of course, there are some notable exceptions, however in my opinion in the main they seem to me to be inept at best.

Many seem to be simply losing their heads…

So how do we chart a course for our families and our family businesses?

How do we continue to ensure the foundations of our business are set in concrete enabling us to move forward to provide for our families, our employees and those that rely upon us?

Well to be fair this situation isn’t new, is it?

If we look over the decades, we have seen all manner of crazy situations, yet through them all family businesses have found a way to survive and thrive because in many cases the alternative was to starve.

So, what can we do that will make a difference right now?

What’s the point, Peter?

I have always advocated a variant of the phrase “when the world is swimming in one direction look at what the other direction might bring.”

And keep a calm head.

Whilst many would suggest currently that there are lots of obstacles, perhaps they are looking in the wrong place?

One of our Practice members commented to me this week that they felt that as a business, I have personally reinvented myself on several occasions, which would be true. In fact, I know many businesses that have done the same over the years.

I was talking to one just before I wrote this article!

The beauty of family business is that we can be fleet of foot and adaptable in a way large businesses simply can’t be.

Perhaps right now you need to be fleet of foot and look at some reinvention?

– but do it with a calm head!

I have introduced a simple tip of the week by request and this quarter it is on the most important of matters in business – TRUST.

Take note below and do look out for our new initiatives – you won’t be disappointed!

The Family Business Practice is a vibrant learning and development community full of great people and businesses who in many cases give their time and expertise to help others, PLUS do business together where appropriate!

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Go on you know you want to!

Until the next time…


Peter Roper The Family Business Man

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