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Thought4TheWeek: Spare a thought for the suppliers to your family business

Thought4TheWeek: Spare a thought for the suppliers to your family business

I don't know about you, but technology tends to play up most when you least need it to.

On Monday when I always need to use at least two screens to run our weekly online Check-In sessions the second monitor I have used for many, many years finally gave up the ghost and stopped talking to my MacBook.

After much fiddling around It was obvious that it had finally had its day.

Cue to buy a new monitor quickly!

I went on to the website which is a business that I've been recommended to by several Family Business Practice members and I've always found them to be excellent.

I chose a mid-priced screen which was at a very competitive price and paid to have a faster delivery.

From placing the order to being delivered, it took a total of just sixteen hours. Yep, that's right just sixteen hours! Plus ninety minutes later I had the thing out of the box, plugged in and I was using it!

Now whilst my relationship with this supplier is totally transactional, (I have never spoken to anyone at Ebuyers) they have always been excellent.

So, this article is to say thank you to them and to spread the word for their great service.

Within the Family Business Practice we have many people with great businesses, and over the years I have tried my best to highlight that whenever the opportunity arose, be it in one of our sessions, online or face-to-face.

Good service doesn't always happen, of course, recently I've been trying to source a venue for our second face-to-face set of events. In some cases I've been disappointed by the lack of attention to detail and interest. 

What's the point, Peter?

When we get good service hopefully we tell people about it.

However, when we get bad service, we probably tell twice as many people!

Surely that's the wrong way around?

Several of the suppliers to your business probably do a fantastic job.

So why not do them a favour? 

And let people know that!

Why not let people know that someone has a great business?

They have a terrific attitude and do what they say they're going to do at the time and price that they have quoted.

It would be great to help them and in doing so create a better relationship with them and yourself. It's all about REPUTATION!  Which brings me to our latest offering for you and it is a beauty!


CHECK OUT our new SCORECARD offer below - it's on point, will help you, and is a free resource!

What’s not to like?

Just say'in...

Until the next time...

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