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Are you Ready for The Change? Thought4TheWeek from Peter Roper

Are you Ready for The Change? Thought4TheWeek from Peter Roper

Are you Ready for The Change?

Thought4TheWeek from Peter Roper

I don’t know about you, but I have sensed a shift in recent months.

At first it was just a feeling, but to me the evidence has become stronger as time has gone on during the year.

We all need a change.

Just look at the majority of traditional social media posts currently....

Yes, we are inundated with sellers and their click funnels all promising rags to riches in just a few days. Suddenly, we have experts expounding how they have gone from nothing to wealthy in just a few minutes. We now even have marketeers suggesting they will pay us if they are not successful (be careful with this one it’s not what it seems… naturally!)

No, the change I see is that we all want reality.

We want to create relationships with real people.

Warts and all.

Hence the increasing trend of posts that are simply reality.

We want to create and maintain relationships with people who not only can help us but also are relatable in our way of thinking.

Plus, many are just so tired compared with previous years – the pressures of a post covid world means many are simply switched off for the summer holidays and simply don’t want to read about business stuff…

Now let’s be clear I am not advocating everyone should take photos of their breakfast, lunch and dinner and show pictures of their latest visit to the supermarket. However, things of interest and genuine interest to them gives a better feel of the individual and that makes them potentially more accessible.

So, in the coming weeks and months you will see various new initiatives from us starting with this revised weekly post which now includes more of my personal interests, and I hope other practice members in the coming months.

Yes it will include what we offer...and it will also include who we are...


So this is us…

Which is the title this great piece of music by Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris 

See you soon 

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