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When its Raining In the Business What do You do? Thought4TheWeek from Peter Roper

	 When its Raining In the Business What do You do? Thought4TheWeek from Peter Roper

By lunchtime today I realised the car had a puncture which means a trip to the tyre bay.

Microsoft had switched off my email without any warning.

A client decided to delay until the autumn.

This is not a moan, simply a fact of life as business and life tends to go in cycles, something we all know but we never really get used to.

Or is it just me that wants to shout why me today?

The answer of course is that it’s not personal, and simply put, it is your turn for some stuff!

What to do in these situations?

Well getting a pair of new boots is something I like so by the time you read this I will be pleased the car is handling better.

I spoke to our tech whiz John who fixed things quickly and efficiently.

Plus, in retrospect, the client is right for both of us to defer until autumn.

Especially as on chatting with another client later in the day I now have some additional unexpected work, thus more business in the long run so happy days.

Funnily enough, life improved during the day when I did these specific things to make me feel better.

I spoke to my best friend (Anny of course!) who reminded me that life goes in cycles and to get a grip.

I called an expert to fix my challenges with IT.

I ate a bar of chocolate which always works for me…

PLUS, I played some music on Spotify. Music always helps me, and the house or office is rarely quiet.

I am often asked what type of music I like and in truth, I have a very wide appreciation and it really depends on my mood.

So, if you’re in a similar situation to me try these things:

Talk to a good friend, ask an expert for help, eat chocolate, and play music.

Until the next time...


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