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Finding the joy in a field of grass...

Finding the joy in a field of grass...

Guess what I was up to over the weekend? You'll never believe it, but I found myself in the middle of a farmer's field in Lincolnshire, tasked with mowing the lawn. 

As you can see its not a small mower...

And I'm not talking about a tiny patch of green behind a semi-detached. This was a proper, sprawling field. And you know what? It turned out to be a bit of a revelation.

Simple Pleasures

There's something to be said for the straightforward things in life. No multitasking, just the hum of the mower and me trying to keep the lines as straight as a die. It was oddly satisfying, getting into a rhythm with nothing but the task in front of me. Who knew that mowing a field could feel like a bit of therapy?

Fresh Air > Office Air

Spending the day in the fresh air, with the birds for company and the sun for warmth (ok at least it didn’t rain!), beats being stuck behind a desk. It's a different kind of productive, isn't it? The kind that leaves you feeling like you've done a solid day's work, and the vitamin D (such that it was) is just a bonus!

Mindfulness on the Move

I've dabbled in a bit of mindfulness before, usually sat on a cushion, not moving a muscle. But there's something about being active, out there in the field, that brings you right into the now. Just me, concentrating on cutting each blade of grass properly. It was as if my usually overactive brain decided to take a bit of a breather for once.

The Satisfaction of a Job Well Done

As the shadows started to stretch out and the day wound down, I couldn't help but feel chuffed looking over the reasonably neat rows of cut grass. It's a grand feeling, seeing the fruits of your labour right there in front of you. That sense of accomplishment is something else, especially when you've been at it most of the day.

A Lesson or Two from the Land

Sitting with our friends sipping a well-earned cuppa, I pondered on what the day had taught me. There's grace in the mundane, a certain kind of contentment in doing a simple job well. And sometimes, the best way to find a bit of peace is not by doing less, but by finding value in the ordinary, everyday tasks.

However there was another lesson...

The time spent with friends we hadnt seen since lockdown, just enjoying each others company and laughing at the smallest of things.


Well, that's all from me and my unexpected adventure with a mower and a field. I left with a little more appreciation for the simple things, and maybe, just maybe, a touch of farmer's wisdom.

So, go on, find a bit of joy in the simple tasks. You might just surprise yourself.

And do remember friendship.

Until the next time… 

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