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Are You Attracting Prospects and Clients who are Great to Work With, Appreciate You and What You Do and Pay You What You are Truly Worth?

Are You Attracting Prospects and Clients who are Great to Work With, Appreciate You and What You Do and Pay You What You are Truly Worth?

I have had several conversations with individuals this week having shared my thoughts above. As most of you know it is one of my key questions with clients and it is amazing how it cuts to the chase when thinking about the life you lead with the clients who have chosen you.

So how often do you ask these five questions?

Do they help you clarify whether your current client base is what you really want?

1. Alignment with Values and Expectations

Question: Does the client share your business's core values and respect your expertise and process?

Rationale: Clients who are aligned with your values and respect your expertise are more likely to appreciate what you do. This alignment fosters mutual respect and smoothens the collaboration process.

2. Appreciation and Acknowledgment

Question: Does the client openly acknowledge and appreciate your work, providing constructive feedback when necessary?

Rationale: Clients who recognize and value your contributions are likely to be great to work with. Appreciation goes beyond mere satisfaction, indicating a deeper respect for your professional input and efforts.

3. Financial Respect

Question: Is the client willing to pay your rates without haggling, recognising the value you bring to the table?

Rationale: Clients who understand and are willing to pay for the value you provide are demonstrating respect for your professional worth. This willingness to pay what you are truly worth is a key indicator of a healthy client relationship.

4. Communication and Collaboration

Question: Do you have open and effective communication with the client, where both parties feel heard and understood?

Rationale: Effective communication is critical for any successful collaboration. Clients who engage in open, respectful communication are more likely to be great partners, contributing positively to project outcomes.

5. Long-term Potential

Question: Does the client show interest in building a long-term relationship with your business, indicating satisfaction and trust in your services?

Rationale: A client's desire to maintain and grow their relationship with your business suggests they value your services highly and see you as a key component of their success. This long-term perspective is a strong indication that they are the right kind of client.

By asking these questions, you can gauge whether your current client base aligns with your ideal client profile.

Clients who score positively across these questions are likely to be those who are great to work with, appreciate the value you provide, and are willing to compensate you fairly.

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