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My new BIG NEWS! Elevating Your Business Skills with Our New CPD Programs

My new BIG NEWS! Elevating Your Business Skills with Our New CPD Programs

I hope this article finds you well and thriving in your respective ventures. Today, I'm sharing some exciting news that holds a special place in my heart—and I believe it will in yours, too.

The quest for growth and development remains constant. The skills that got us here today are not the ones that will carry us forward tomorrow. Recognising this, we've been hard at work creating something truly impactful for solopreneurs, professionals, and family businesses alike.

Something that has substance and aligns with my now nearly five decades of experience… (blimey where has the time gone?)

I'm thrilled to announce the launch of my accredited CPD programs focused on presentation, networking, and sales development. These programs are not just courses; they are gateways to elevating your business acumen and achieving the success that you've been aiming for.

The first one is the most obvious I guess:

"From Nervous to Natural" A Speaking and Presentation Workshop.

Why This Matters More Than Ever

In a world where business dynamics shift rapidly, staying ahead requires not just keeping pace but setting the pace. The ability to present with confidence, network with purpose, and develop sales strategies that resonate, and convert has never been more crucial. These skills are the bedrock upon which sustainable business growth is built.

The Seal of Excellence: Accredited by the CPD Standards Office

What makes these programs even more special is the prestigious backing they come with. I've had the privilege of being personally vetted by the CPD Standards Office, part of the Professional Development Consortium. This accreditation is not just a badge of honour; it's a testament to the quality and relevance of the learning available to you.

A Call to Join Me…

I invite you to explore these programs and consider how they might fit into your growth plan for the coming year. Whether you're looking to hone your presentation skills, expand your professional network, or elevate your sales strategy, these programs are designed to support your journey.

Thank you for staying with me these last few years and do check them out!!!

Warm regards,

Until the next time…


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