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Are you walking the path less traveled?

Are you walking the path less traveled?


I had a great response to my picture and blog last week of our recent visit to Witley Court.

I took several pictures so here is another one…

In the distance, you can see the main fountain but from the side and in the distance – it looks very different here to the previous and far more well-known view.

Do you notice how the path meanders towards it?

The alternative is to not follow the crowd and walk straight across the grass, after all, it would be quicker and simpler.

It’s a bit like business, isn’t it?

Sometimes you want to take the line of least resistance and go straight as an arrow to your goal. But the reality is very different as in the main business take all sorts of twists and turns and many are infuriating!

The trick is to stay focused keep your eye on the main prize and just keep going!

In my experience, it is a path seldom traveled simply because it’s your path and unique to you.

Stick at it and you might just eventually get to your fountain…

If you need a hand getting there perhaps we can help?

Happy bank holiday weekend and see you soon :)

Until the next time…


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