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You Never Know How Much You Help People...

You Never Know How Much You Help People...

Last week Anny and I attended the FSB Boot Camp at The Bank House. In fact, I was the opening speaker!

It was a great event with well over one hundred people in attendance for the day.

I opened the conference, and it was a very welcoming and appreciative audience. Frankly it was a pleasure and not really work…

By the way the 50 in the background of the picture above is for the FSB and not for me! (I wish). That time has long since passed!

The day after there was a lot of social media activity especially on LinkedIn and I have (with permission) listed below is an extract from a blog by Vanda Szabo  who also took some terrific pictures. Check out what Vanda does – she is very good!

To see the full article do take a look here.

Here is the extract:

“I spent the day at the Bank House Hotel, Spa and Golf Club and wanted to summarise a fantastic event called Power Up Your Potential organised by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) .

Recently I stepped back from attending local business events as I stopped enjoying them. They were the same. I saw the same faces. The same boring topics and I realised I didn't need to be everywhere just because I had the fear of missing out.

However, when I saw that the FSB organising a Bootcamp Event in Worcester, I booked it immediately. I knew it would be great.

My intuition (by the way my biggest business advisor) hasn't let me down.

The universe also had my back so unexpectedly my hubby could do the school drop-off so I could attend from the beginning. And I know why it happened. I needed to hear Peter Roper the Family Businessman

His talk was so great.

When we don't work with the right people, it doesn't fill our fridge. Work with people you know, like and trust. Work with those who appreciate you and pay your worth. (It was a great reminder as that's exactly what I promised myself a few months ago)

I loved the biscuit story too.

Thank you Vanda for your kind words.

How about you?

Do you stop to reflect sometimes on how your words affect people?

Especially of course your stories!

I would love to hear your own version of the biscuit kid (if you don’t know the story, I am happy to sit with you over a peppermint tea and of course a biscuit!

Perhaps you need a hand?

You know where we are!

Until the next time…


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