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You Never Know How Much You Help People...PART TWO!

You Never Know How Much You Help People...PART TWO!

If you read last week’s missive you would know that the week before Anny and I attended the FSB Boot Camp at The Bank House. In fact, I was the opening speaker!

It was a great event with well over one hundred people in attendance for the day.

I wrote then about Vanda Szabo’s kind words, and it was great to be able to invite her to attend our recent Huddle at Hogarth’s Stone Manor.

Fast forward to today (Tuesday as I write this).

Some of you will know that ten weeks ago I had foot surgery which unfortunately turned into a major infection which was unpleasant and not a little scary.

Things settled down after some great intervention by our local surgery.

On their insistence, and as a precaution, today I attended the Rheumatology Department at Worcester Royal Hospital for some checks.

I’m pleased to say all is well and after some formal stuff I just had to go to the nurse for another blood test.

Once called in I sat down, and Nurse Kate suggested it had not been long since I had visited before, although the records didn’t show it?

I explained that I had never been there before and perhaps I have a doppelganger?

She was most perturbed insisting she had definitely seen me before and I mentioned that I have spoken in a lot of places and perhaps that might be it?

She then got very excited and said, “That’s it! I saw you speak at the FSB do last week and I have your book in my bag, I’ve been reading it at lunch times, and it has been really helpful thank you!”

Holy Moly!

Turns out she had started a part time business helping nursing staff with post work stress (I think this is a huge market for her) and had attended the event in her own time.

We both laughed, I thanked her for her kind words, and we will stay in touch.

As I said last week you just never know…

How about you?

How often do people recognise you and yet perhaps don’t let you know you have had a positive effect in their lives?

It does make you think, doesn’t it?

I guess the answer is to be just helpful!

Thats why we produced the book above a few years ago - and I am very proud of it!

So, as ever, if I can help you in any way, you know where I am just let me know!

Until the next time and BTW do check out the new initiatives I have – they might just be of use to you or someone you know.

Go on then you know you want to!


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