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Are you the Hunter or the Prey in Your Family Business?

	 Are you the Hunter or the Prey in Your Family Business?

As the weather has warmed this week the activity in the farmers’ fields nearby has increased…

So has the activity in our household as we had an overnight visit from two of our grandchildren who are on holidays already (these two live in the USA and their holidays start early and are long!)

Not long after they had arrived and having a traditional brother/sister squabble, I took William who is eight on a short walk to show him the farmer in his tractor cutting the field for Silage.

Silage is pasture grass that has been 'pickled'. It is a method used to preserve the pasture for cows and sheep to eat later when natural pasture isn't good, like in the dry season. The grasses are cut and then fermented to keep as much of the nutrients (such as sugars and proteins) as possible.

After a customary wave (Please do wave to the farmers in a small way it shows you recognise and appreciate their efforts), the tractor set off at a pace and was cutting the relatively small field quite quickly.

Then out of nowhere five (YES FIVE!) Buzzards appeared and were swooping low far more like a Swallow than a traditionally high-flying Buzzard. It was a wonderful site to see!

Clearly, they were waiting for creatures to run away from the tractor and were very much up for the chase.

In the UK we have the Common Buzzard and Rough-legged Buzzard. They are broad-winged birds with medium-length broad tails and are generally found in open areas, but close to woodlands for nesting. Certainly, the woods are close by to the field and there are plenty of Buzzards to be seen.

We didn’t see them catch anything in our short time there but no doubt they will have been successful – after all wanting your lunch is always a great incentive!

Or is that just me?

Later, I attended to my weekly social media post programme that I have initiated for June. It is a selection of suggestions, funnies and helpful tips. I will keep your posted as to my results. I have to say to date this blog still out plays anything else with a minimum forty five percent (and recently higher) opening rate in any given week…

However, I am still giving social media a go…

It seems to me there are two types of social media out there currently.

Those posts looking for an easy Prey, concentrating on those who need a quick fix. You know the type I mean… promises of gold in a nano second etc.

Or those who are genuinely hunting for opportunity, which I guess is most of us don’t you think?

Easier said than done though, isn’t it?

The answer I believe, as with most things, is to find the right person to give us the best knowledge to help us in this endeavour.

I am working with someone who has a proven track record currently who is teaching me to swoop, just like the Buzzards..

Call me old fashioned (and in many ways I am) but I still believe that when it comes to the decision to buy something, people want high quality experience and not some new-fangled way that is unproven and promises the earth.

Hence why I have produced a series of recent videos and webinars to provide experienced answers to the most common questions I am asked, plus score cards for my marketplace.

I have also simplified what I do into this phrase:

*I help Family Businesses to find ideal clients who value their work and pay fair compensation*

Perhaps you know someone I can help?

I have also produced this simple guide CLICK HERE to answer the Question: IS THIS YOU?

Or if you fancy see it here on Linked In. Take a look particularly at the about section and if you are happy to I would be most grateful for a testimonial whilst you are visiting!

Go on take a look... you know you want to!

… and if you get the chance do give a wave to the farmers in their tractors, they are doing a great job!

Until the next time…


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