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Are You Haring Around in Your Business?

Are You Haring Around in Your Business?
At this time of year there is a lot of distraction.

Think about it.

Football, Formula One, Tennis, The Olympics, Golf, children’s school sports day, end of term assemblies, preparation for the summer holidays – the list is considerable.

Let alone an election both here and in the USA.

Social media and press reporting in general are at a frenzied state because of it.
So, when we try and get our message out there so we can do some actual business it is very hard to be noticed, let alone be heard.

It is very challenging.

Most days now, as I improve my fitness after surgery, and to get away from the noise, I have been taking an early morning walk which has been wonderful. I mentioned to you last week about the Buzzards, this week I had another wonderful surprise. I was on my way back towards home when as I walked past an open farm gate, I caught something out the corner of my eye.

I stopped dead in my tracks, and the creature did the same.

Like two gunslingers at the OK Corral, we both stood motionless, just the Hare and me eyeballing each other.

Ok its nose was twitching…

We stayed like that for what seemed an age (at least a minute on reflection) as we both eyed up the magnificent creation in front of us…

You can’t blame me for trying now can you!

Then all I did was move my hand very slightly and it turned and took off at an incredible speed. By the time I had taken a pace forwards the Hare had travelled at least thirty yards, and it was a truly magnificent sight.

Eventually it slowed right down and looked at me again, then nonchalantly just poddled off…

For those few seconds I had no thoughts of anything but the creature in front of me.

And that’s the trick really, isn’t it?

We must find a way for a prospective client to stop Haring around and listen for a few seconds, really listen to what we have to say and offer. Then perhaps we can all help each other and get the business we are looking for.

If you are not having fun finding the Hare moment, why not click HERE and take a few seconds to see if I can help you.

Go on you know you want to!

Until the next time…
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