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Do you remember your first time?

Do you remember your first time?

As you read this, I will be spending some time with my family as it is my Birthday!
Hopefully I will be spoilt rotten and eat too much chocolate- at least that’s what I tend to do!

I have had sixty-eight birthdays in my life now and I have to say I probably don’t remember too many of them. Obviously, some have special memories but in the main they tend to fall into a similar category, however I am grateful for the kind words and presents. I did mention chocolate, didn’t I?

However, in our lives some events remain imprinted on our brain.

They are MAGICAL!

Our first time when we could ride a bike, the first time we realised we could run faster than our Dad, or perhaps our first kiss (steady on there!) are remembered, perhaps revered through our passage of time.

So often we take things for granted and yet occasionally something really sticks with us.

I took the picture above at a recent Shelsley Walsh event. The car is a Jaguar 3.8 Series Two in British Racing green, with cream leather interior.
I just knew we would see one on that day and peering through the window it took me back to when I was a boy.

I think I have mentioned before that from time to time my older brother Larry would appear with a car and on this day it was very special.
His friend had the very same type of car, a Jaguar 3.8 and in the same colour, British Racing Green with cream leather interior. They picked me up and we went from our parents’ home in Brum for a blast down to Newport Pagnell services.
I can recall in an instance the smell of the leather, the wine of the gearbox and the faint whiff of hot gearbox oil as we sped down the motorway…

…And it was my first time that I travelled at over one hundred miles per hour in a car!!

Yes, the MAGIC Ton!

It was a big deal in those days.

We stopped for a cuppa and came home, again at over one hundred miles per hour, and it was magical.

It is one of the reasons I nurtured a love for motor racing, speed and cars and will never be forgotten.

In business we have one chance to make an impression and whatever it is tends to stick for good.

If YOU approached prospects and clients and gave them a MAGIC experience, don’t YOU think they would not only want to work with YOU but also tell the world about how they FELT when dealing with YOU.

To attract clients who are GREAT to Work with, APPRECIATE us for what we do and PAY OUR TRUE WORTH we need to give then the MAGIC first time don’t you think?
Maybe even every time?

Let me know individuals and businesses you think are MAGIC and perhaps a story about your first time…

Go on you know you want to!

In the meantime, I’m off to eat chocolate 

Until the next time…
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