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solihull-logoPlease note this event has now moved to Hogarths Solihull from July 2019 and from September has also moved days - for the rest of the year we are now on TUESDAYS!!

A buffet and refreshments will be provided!

Please note the Time: from 4.30pm onwards, finish at 8.00pm.

This event runs continuously and needs your attendance throughout the evening until 7.45pm. If you cannot attend the whole event please inquire with us to see if there is a place available before booking.

If you want to know more please contact: 

Peter Roper:
or call: 01299 382000 / mobile 077755 26387

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Understand values and personality behaviour Foundation Workshop at Solihull

Understand values and personality behaviour Foundation Workshop at Solihull

Workshop Date: 17/03/2020

As part of the added benefits to our members, we are partnering with behaviour expert, Michelle Mills-Porter who is dedicated to helping us develop our business relationships. Michelle is the creator of a proven suite of behaviour analysis tools and a seasoned networker. The tools she has created are used in organisations to build rapport, to negotiate successfully and to convert prospects into clients. Her workshops are extremely well received and handsomely paid!
As part of our membership, we will be providing the opportunity for each member with their own Core Values Analysis,  (Essence) and their personal behaviour profile, (Clarity) included within the membership fee! These extra benefits can help us to understand ourselves and each other better and to adapt our communication in order to build deeper rapport.
The aim is that every member will have a behaviour card to bring to their one to one meetings so that we can get the very best outcome, and then maybe go on to use these techniques with our clients.
Michelle will be providing regular workshops which any member will be able to attend, as many times as they want. In these workshops, Michelle will share her tips and tricks, on how to read other people and show you how to use behaviour profiling skills in your marketing, your phone conversations, face to face meetings and even in your e-mails. We recommend that you use these workshops for networking opportunities too.
Workshops will cost just the standard fee of just £10 which will cover the costs of refreshments etc.
What are the two reports?
What is Essence?
Essence is a core values analysis which produces an instant report. It will help you understand your subconscious motivations and the motivations of others. This report can help to resolve conflicts and to build rapport. You can use it to gain optimum performance, job satisfaction and for conflict resolution.
What is Clarity?
Clarity is a behaviour analysis. Developed from proven methodologies Clarity shows consistently outstanding reliability figures. Drawn from the theory of DISC by William Moulton Marston, Clarity reflects your most natural behaviour and your adapted behaviour.
It will accurately highlight your most prominent qualities and skills and also give you insight into how others may perceive you. This is a fundamental tool in self-awareness whilst also being useful for personal development, team cohesion and advanced communication.

What does it entail?
First, take the two reports initially by email and fill them in - it takes around thirty minutes so just sit down with a cuppa!

Second, attend one of the FOUNDATION workshop sessions asap with Michelle to understand what they mean and importantly how to use them in your business.

Third, subsequently attend a MASTERCLASS session with Michelle to really understand how to use the knowledge to create a better rapport with both your clients and staff!
What do I do next?
Simply book onto this Foundation workshop using the button below and Michelle will be in touch!

If you want to attend the Family Business Practice event after the workshop, use the 'continue shopping' button in the basket and it will bring you back to this page, then book your ticket for the evening event using the booking section above.

NOTE: Please ensure you select the correct date for the Family Business Practice event, if you are attending both.

Hear what Jenni Henderson thinks about the workshop...

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