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Our First Workshop on the 13th November at 3.00pm

nicholas-leeThree Steps to Financial Peace of Mind

with Nicholas Lee

Who should come?
Everyone who wants to manage money better. Nicholas brings thirty years experience to the field of personal finance and wants to share three simple steps that will transform your finances wherever you are on the financial spectrum.

What do I get?
The session will be informative, challenging and, most of all, lots of fun. You will go away with tools and information to help you to bring clarity and focus to your finances.

In summary you will get:
  • Your questions answered
  • A simple template for organising your finances
  • An action plan
  • Tips on how to minimise the time you spend on your finances with the maximum effect on your financial wellbeing.
And there will be tea and cake…

Just £5.00 to members. All proceeds go to Edwards Trust.