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Date Time Spaces Cost Speaker Talk Title
13/12/2021 16:00 Available Free Peter Roper What have we learned from 2021 in our business? Info
15/12/2021 10:30
Free Gill Anderson How to escape being an octopus in your business and become dispensable! Info
10/01/2022 16:00 Available Free Peter Roper Three things you can do this week to get your business off to a flying start in 2022! Info
17/01/2022 16:00 Available Free Dave James How to use a great planning tool to start your year off with a bang! Info
18/01/2022 10:30 Available Free Peter Roper Masterclass:How to Get More or Better Business - a practical working session for businesses of all ages and sizes! Info
19/01/2022 10:30 Available Free Neil Lloyd Professional Development Group: Professional Networking - an experienced view point! Info
24/01/2022 16:00 Available Free Chris Williams How to live forever or die trying Info
26/01/2022 10:30 Available Free Dave James and Moon Li Personal Development Group: How to set an intention instead of a resolution for the New Year Info
27/01/2022 16:00 Available Free Colin Noble How to do more of your great work. Info
31/01/2022 16:00 Available Free Miguel De Sousa Info
02/02/2022 10:30 Available Free Tim Warrington Manufacturing Development Group: Making Automation Accessible - How to select the right robot for the right job… Info
07/02/2022 16:00 Available Free Tony K Silver How to get the best from the LinkedIn home page Info
09/02/2022 10:30 Available Free David Bird Creative and Technical Development Group:How to Give Fearless Interviews in Front of Camera Info
14/02/2022 16:00 Available Free Lucy Edgar It is Valentine’s Day after all, so why not…! Info
17/02/2022 16:00 Available Free Derek Cheshire How to find better solutions to your problems and generate better ideas for your business. Info
21/02/2022 16:00 Available Free Peter Roper Sometimes being BONKERS in business helps! Info
24/02/2022 16:00
7 Spaces
Free James Godsall How to Prepare for the Insurance Market in 2022 Info
28/02/2022 16:00 Available Free Alan C Clark How to get more from your business numbers and data Info
03/03/2022 16:00
6 Spaces
Free Graham Baylis How to make Google LOVE your website and Why this is important Info
07/03/2022 16:00 Available Free Sarah Archer How to Get More Sales When You Speak in 2022 Info
21/03/2022 16:00 Available Free Peter Doggett How to advise your 18 year old self – time to reflect. Info