The Reputation Gap...
From Ordinary to Extraordinary by Learning How to Grow a Reputation that Delivers More Profitable Business

You never get a second chance to make a first impression – but it’s amazing how many so-called professionals play fast and loose with their reputations. It’s no longer down to word-of-mouth – the worldwide web spreads information around the world in seconds.

If you’re in business you need to take the steps that will protect your reputation – as well as taking advantage of the means to enhance it. If you have staff, clients, and suppliers, you’ll also want to be aware of what they are saying about you – and educate them to be effective marketers for your business.

Most of all you want the type of referrals we dream of, with clients who appreciate your ability, are great to work with, pay you what you are worth and without quibbling!

Do you need someone to help you in your business, with good values, who wants you to succeed, to help you along the way, and who has over forty years of experience to guide you?

Perhaps this unique, practical, and proven Programme might be for you...

And it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg!

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Why this Development programme?


Well in our experience it can be a lonely place running a business as, at the end of the day, you make all the decisions!

Ones that can have fundamental consequences for both you and those close to you.

The challenge is we don’t know what we don’t know! Sometimes we make decisions as we go along with little experience to back our thoughts, hoping for success. 

"The Practice Support Programme is a very welcome additional offering from the Family Business Practice. Based on the sharing of expertise from Peter Roper and the participants and also on the premise that it provides a supportive and friendly forum for small business owners to discuss issues, learn from each other, and develop their businesses.

This has been especially so this year with the general level of isolation that we are all experiencing but I would expect to have the same feeling of support from this programme in more normal times. I look forward to the monthly meeting and consider it a valuable use of my time!"

Ian Jarvis, Founder of Vertis Accounting

So what does the programme consist of?

Our unique REPUTATION GETS REFERRALS DIAGNOSTIC  provides you with tailored insights into your business and will analyse how you could be getting a more consistent stream of higher-quality referrals.

The better the REPUTATION the better the referral...but only if you have put the effort in to educate an introducer as to exactly what you are looking for!

This Development Programme helps you to take simple actions that could lead to more clients, who pay you what you are worth, are great to work with, and appreciate what you do!

It has been designed to show entrepreneurs, startups, and family businesses their blind spots and provide the basis for a key performance measurement tool.

8 key areas to understand the position of you and your business right now!

Traditional Marketing

Have you produced ALL the necessary information here to enable the best opportunity for a referral?

On-Line Marketing

How are you getting your message out there in the cyber world? Are you playing at it or being smart?


Do you network?

If so how do you network and what intentions do you have?

Speaking in Public

The most underutilised and highest performing way of getting your message to key clients and prospects. 

So how much do you do and why?


Values underpin the very soul of a business.

Are they defined, understood, and promoted as all great businesses do?

Relational vs Transactional Business

There are two very different types of business yet so often they become confused.

Understanding them is a key requirement of any business.

Market Positioning

How is your business viewed by the big wide world and is it being perceived how you want it to be?

Reputation Planning

To stand any chance of gaining the best type of referrals that reside in the Reputation Gap we need to plan!


Based on the book The Reputation Gap by Peter Roper and Lesley Morrissey 

 Here are some testimonials...

“I’ve been a member of the Family Business Practice for the last 3 years and find the variety of events both online and in person to be valuable in building professional relationships in a relaxed environment with no pressure to pass business to other members. Peter has a wealth of experience from the corporate world and as a business owner which he is happy to share to help others develop. I always learn something from the sessions I attend, and Peter works hard to offer varied and interesting content that relates to all business owners.”
Simon Baldwin
Chartered Financial Planner
High House Wealth Management Ltd
“How often do we really take time to reflect on our ‘Whys’ in our personal life and our business?
A recent broken hip forced me to take time to reflect, but I also realised it is sometimes better to have someone you trust to reflect with and to question your answers, not answer your questions.
Peter Roper became that person and over a series of 4 1hr sessions with him he helped me review and consolidate my thoughts:
  • Who am I? What are the values that drive me?
  • What are my whys – have they changed over time – even if just the priorities?
  • Who do I want to work with – do they share my values?
  • Are these relationships transactional or relationship based?
  • For business growth – how do I promote these values? Do I just assume that people will work it out?
It’s never too late to change – look at what history tells you about the people you want to work with and where you find clients.
This was a very valuable exercise and I highly recommend a session with Peter to take time to reflect – on your one and with a very skilled, confidential, and empathetic facilitator.”
Peter Doggett Vistage
“It has been fantastic working with Peter on presenting my reputation drawing together my knowledge, expertise, and experience in quality excellence of customer experience.

His reputation is second to none, so you can feel confident that in working with him you with be in the very best hands.”

Alan C Clark CEng MIMechE CQP FCQI 
Key Business Improvement
“As a business, we have been spending a lot of time focussing on three things; i) who we are, ii) the customers that we serve, iii) improving the quality of referrals that we get into the business.

We have worked with Peter over the last two months delving deeper into what our core values are and thus the values needed from the businesses that we want to be working with.

Sometimes, it takes a conversation to really step back and realise that people buy from people and unless we share core similarities then any relationship will never truly stand the test of time nor have quality to it.

Peter helped us establish this position from the outset and thereafter we spent a lot of time discussing how we create a reputation (not by what you do but by what you have done!!) and defining what a quality referral looks like.

Once clear, we have then been able to create plans to start driving the type of business that we want to see.
To date, we have seen Gross Profit increase by over 10% year-on-year via the new approach we are taking.

I would highly recommend working with Peter as a person and as a businessman.”

Matt Cusack NBRG

“I recently accepted Peter’s offer to invest 60 seconds to complete the “Reputation Gets Referrals Scorecard” to discover what I can do to ensure my reputation is reaching the clients I want to attract and work with?
The results led me to sign up to attend “The Reputation Gap” workshops which are hosted by Peter and Lesley Morrissey (his co-author Lesley Morrissey of the book of the same name).
My biggest gain from participating in taking time to focus and work “on the business” by completing the Scorecard and attending the workshop is the tangible actions and steps I now have to continue to actively manage and develop my reputation
to retain and attract businesses to work with in the future.
Given that your reputation is what is in the room when you are not, I recommend that you need to invest time to ensure your reputation is what you need it to be and not take it for granted. After all, it only takes 60 seconds to complete the Scorecard to gain some insightful feedback on whether your reputation is working for or against you…”
Susan Silwood
KeyHR Limited

“We have known and worked with Peter Roper, The Family Business Man, for many years and trust his knowledge and guidance to help grow our business. He knows how family businesses and small enterprises work and understands the issues and challenges we face having experienced them first hand himself.
From his informative networking events to consulting and support, we trust his honesty and reputation.
We are currently working with Peter on our "Reputation Gap" based on information from his new book of the same name. This is a real eye-opener for every business that wants to grow their reputation and discover how to do it.”
Mark Langston, Crystal Thought Ltd.

If you want to become more visible, valuable and connected in your industry, this will give you your baseline."

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