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The Family Business Practice

We have just one level of membership offering exceptional value and flexibility.

Many business owners find it difficult to commit to a regular networking time slot so our members simply attend the events that are best suited to their diary.

We’re relaxed and informal, offering a wide range of formats for our members to connect with each other. We find this gives members the freedom to take control of their business growth at a pace that suits them, with the support of their peers.
The passion and vision of our members drive the Practice forward, creating a culture of encouragement, empowerment and friendship.


Why do our members like the practice?

6 reasons to join the Family Business Practice

 Value for money

Just one level of membership paid annually with no additional fees for most virtual events and very cost-effective admission fees for our traditional venue-based events.

 Maximum flexibility

We do not believe in single-seat policies, single group-only memberships or insistence to attend – members simply attend the event they chose to, when they want to, and in a way that fits their diary. 


Most of our virtual events are just 72-minute Zoom sessions! Our venue-based events are always timely, concise and highly effective.

 No insistence on referrals

Family businesses work with who they want, when they want and how they want – the practice believes in this implicitly and will never insist on forced introductions.

 Informal and formal networking

No sixty second introductions, instead relaxed, informative and at times intimate relationship-building sessions to create real and long-lasting friendships.

 Regular business development sessions

From our members and guests where we take encouragement and knowledge from each other’s successes – and sometimes our mistakes!


Peter provided a great course with positive interaction between the delegates to help one another. It really helped to focus the mind on how to develop my business further during the strange Covid times we find ourselves in. Highly recommended.

Simon Baldwin - High House Wealth Management Ltd

I have been a member of the Family Business Practice for 12 months and always enjoy the opportunity the practice provides to learn and work with fellow members. Peter Roper is an inspiring leader and facilitator of the sessions.  Providing thought provoking subject content through a check in session, quality networking in connect session or creating learning sessions through his many business programmes I feel that the practice is a fundamental part of my business.


Jamie Pratt - Stockton Business Consulting

I've been privileged to attend Peter's Family Business Practice events over the last couple of years and they amazing events. Peter's energy is stunning and his dedication to helping family businesses and their owners is without measure.

If you've not had the chance to speak to Peter or attend one of his events then I highly recommend it. Really appreciate everything you do and thank you.

Dave James Coaching

I have had the honour of knowing Peter for a number of years through my Family Business Practice membership. Peter has an infectious passion for supporting business, family businesses, to ensure that their unique features are celebrated and deliver more success.

To ensure they are not seen as 'just a family business'. Peter has turned the invaluable face to face meetings around into 72 minute meetings online, whilst retaining the passion, engagement, and energy in the meetings. I couldn't recommend Peter and the family business enough.

Claire Lawton Acorn HR Support

After attending Peter’s speaking masterclass I now have 4 speaking opportunities.  Previously I would have turned them down – now I’m just excited and keen to get talking! I fully recommend training with Peter for excellent coaching, a safe place to make mistakes, receive feedback and perfecting your technique before giving presentations.

Claire Hill Hill HR Consultancy

I would strongly recommend any member to join this programme, I have learnt some really valuable tips and lessons across a number of different topics including networking, presenting and maximising client relationships…… I look forward to working with Peter more in the future developing me and my business.

Jamie Pratt Stockton Business Consulting

“I’d recommend 'the Practice' to people who want to build their business on relationships not sales. When you do this, the sales look after themselves.”

Nicholas Lee, Financial Life Planner

‘It’s a room full of lovely people who are good at what they do.”

Nicholas Lee, Financial Life Planner