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What family businesses can learn from this months Full Beaver Moon!
This month is the so-called Full Beaver Moon - because in days gone by it was considered by American ancient cultured to be the month to set traps for beavers!

We learn most from nature when we are open-minded to what our ancestors have learned and how we can apply it to our day-to-day life.

In business November is a time for setting intentions for January - Peter will show you how to do this in a very quick exercise!

Please attend our weekly positive Check-in session jammed packed with positive input from members and guests alike!

Start your week with a bang, not a sleepy whimper!

This week will comprise of a business development session by Peter Roper, two-member presentations on how we can learn about them and their success plus breakout sessions between attendees to pick up the latest trends, market information and experience our membership can provide.

This session is for members of the practice and is a free event.
However, we can accept non-members by prior appointment with Peter Roper if space allows.
For more information and to book as a guest please contact Peter at

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