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Five Things I Have Learned In My Business

I have been a photographer since a young teenager, but only been running a photography business for 6 years.  I started with a reckless plan (well no plan actually) but have built a reputation and now a business that is profitable, exciting and fun (mostly!)
I have fought the wisdom from "gurus" to niche and specialise (certainly the most profitable route, for sure), but I love the variety and excitement that each day will bring a different client and project, pushing me to learn different techniques and master new equipment, feeding the eternal student in me.  I look forward to sharing the 5 things (well 5 of the several thousand things) I have learned in the last 6 years

Please attend our weekly positive Check-in session jammed packed with positive input from members and guests alike, chaired by the Founder of the Family Business Practice Peter Roper The Family Business Man.

Start your week with a bang, not a sleepy whimper!

This will comprise a member presentation on Five things they have learned in their business - highlighting successes and failures, plus breakout sessions between attendees to pick up the latest trends, market information, and experience our membership can provide.

This FREE session lasts for just seventy-two minutes and is for members of the practice.
However, we can accept non-members by prior appointment with Peter Roper if space allows.
For more information and to book as a guest please contact Peter at

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