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Five Things I Have Learned In My Business
Peter Baylis is the founder of PEB Marketing Academy and a contributing writer to ‘The Six Figure Coach’ magazine.

He is an MBA-qualified Business and Marketing strategy specialist with over 30 years’ of experience in business and ICT management, strategic planning, and marketing.

His primary focus today is to help the owners of small and medium-sized businesses to build the value of their businesses, build revenue in their business, and to help them to find the work-life balance that they are looking for to provide a legacy.

Please attend our weekly positive Check-in session jammed packed with positive input from members and guests alike, chaired by the Founder of the Family Business Practice Peter Roper The Family Business Man.

Start your week with a bang, not a sleepy whimper!

This will comprise a member presentation on Five things they have learned in their business - highlighting successes and failures, plus breakout sessions between attendees to pick up the latest trends, market information, and experience our membership can provide.

This FREE session lasts for just seventy-two minutes and is for members of the practice.
However, we can accept non-members by prior appointment with Peter Roper if space allows.
For more information and to book as a guest please contact Peter at

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