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How to create a high performing team that cares about your business as much as you do
Do you sometimes wish that your team cared as much about your business’ performance as you do?

In this presentation, I will share with you why the keys to gaining engagement from your team and the 9 ways to elevate the performance of your business.
Three takeaways:
  1. Strategies to get your team on the same page
  2. The systems and processes to get a team performing more effectively
  3. An understanding of what ‘whole person engagement’ can do for your business

Connect is a fast-paced session and consists of a presentation for around twenty minutes followed by the opportunity for each attendee to have five minutes to share information about themselves and their business in a warm, relaxed and friendly manner.

The session is just 72 minutes long, with a maximum of just six attendees, plus the guest speaker and a Moderator for the session to keep things to time!

Connect and Check-In sessions are open to members and guests (guests please note you can attend a maximum of two sessions in a year) - however, why not join and enjoy all the sessions!

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